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After the holiday season has come and gone it feels good work on some home organizations ideas. If you are like me then it feels good to de-clutter all the spaces in your home and find organization ideas that work for your family. I wanted to share several of my favorite organization spots in my home to hopefully inspire you to find areas in your home that could use some organization help. These organizing tips can work in a kitchen, pantry, linen closet, bathroom, etc.

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One of my favorite organization items are these blanket vacuum bags. We tend to have a lot of extra blankets and towels and sheets that I don’t want to give away yet and are still useful at different times during the year so these storage bags are great. The bags come in several sizes and you add in your items and then use a vacuum hose to suck out all the excess air to make the bags flatten down which makes them easier to stack.

a close up of a kitchen pantry filled with wire bins to show organization

Another favorite of mine is wire baskets. A couple years ago I added these to the small pantry that is right off our kitchen. I store like items together so that it creates less of a mess and it is easier to find what I am looking for.

A storage container for small diamond beads sitting on a brown table with a diamond painted sticker in front

A new home organization idea I found before the holiday season was these small containers to organize the many pieces that come with a diamond painting set. Our family received several diamond painting kits for Christmas and instead of using the terrible zip top bags that come with the kits these little boxes are perfect for organizing all these little diamonds.

And because we live in a one bathroom house storage in the bathroom is very important. I needed a space for my makeup and skin care products instead of having them displayed all over the counter. I found this little organizer that helped me wean down on the products I used and it keeps everything neat and easy at hand.

A close up of a fabric storage bag
An above view of a fabric storage container

And lastly I have several of these fabric organizers bags to hold holiday pillows, blankets and sweaters that I need to store in our shop but need to be contained is something to protect against the elements.

I have another blog post entirely dedicated to these and some of my other favorite organization items that you may want to check out as well: The Best Organizing Products

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