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Guys, I am almost embarrassed to show you our master bedroom. It’s just so sad and so not us. We literally moved our beds and dressers in and filled the closets. No paint, no curtains, nothing has been done since we moved in a year and a half ago! But that is all about to change and I need your help!

I’ll let you know my ideas so far but I think my imagination is lacking because the room is so small. I feel like I need some guidance as to what can be done now. As you may remember from the bathroom update we plan to remodel and make this room bigger in five years. So I only want to update the space with as little spending as can be. And make it feel like a master bedroom should, an oasis for relaxation and not like a college dorm room.

Challenges of the room:

  • Small 9′ x 12.5′
  • No overhead lighting (only has double outlets that main light switch control)
  • Only one blank slate wall
  • One small window
  • Two doors into room, one leads to bathroom
  • Limited space for dressers

Current Situation

So here are pictures of what our room looks like right now, clutter and all! I had to stretch myself into the corners of the room just so I could give you all a better visual of what we are dealing with.

A small and outdated master bedroom that needs some design help
A master bedroom closet in dire need of an update
An outdated and small master bedroom that needs some paint and decor help
Outdated and small master bedroom with one window

Ideas so far:

  • New closet organization system
  • Move the head of the bed to the blank slate wall
  • Change the main door room hinges to open out instead of into the room
  • Paint walls and trim
  • New curtains
  • Add accent wall to the blank slate wall
  • New headboard
  • New bedding

Before we moved Justin had cut out a piece of plywood to make our own tufted headboard. That board moved with us and is now sitting in his shop so we will be finishing that.

I think I want to do an accent wall, maybe some cool wallpaper on the wall that we will be moving the bed too. And here are some of the products I am thinking about.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. And see my Instagram stories if you want to see a video walk through.

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4 Comments on Help Update our Master Bedroom!

  1. Love the direction you are heading!! I would definitely do an accent wall behind the bed, but just make sure if you do a patterned wallpaper to pick a solid for your headboard or at least a complimenting pattern!

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