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Camping was one of my favorite activities as a kid, I have fond memories of all of our adventures from when I was a child and into the teen years. So we take our children at least a couple times a year as time will allow to go camping. When our next camping trip was coming up I knew I wanted to create a camping t-shirt using heat transfer vinyl with my Cricut machine.

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Materials Needed for Heat Transfer Vinyl Cricut Camping T-Shirt

I wanted to make my shirt a little different than just putting a design on the front so I decided to try out bleaching an area on the front of the shirt and then applying the chosen design.

A black long sleeve tshirt laying ona piece of cardboard in the grass

To bleach the shirt I stuck a piece of cardboard inside the layers and then laid it on top of a piece of cardboard. Carefully pour some bleach into the spray bottle and spray the front of the shirt in the area you will want the design.

A close up of a black long sleeve tshirt laying on a piece of cardboard outside

I had to do this over several days as we had rain and the bleach works better when there is sunlight. Once the bleach had set and the black had bleached to the color I desired I washed and dried the shirt.

A close up of a black tshirt with a bleached front in a square laying on  a table

I found a design I liked in Cricut Design Space that was all ready to be cut out. I used a white HTV vinyl made for Cricut. It is an easy weed vinyl which is very nice when it comes to detailed designs. In the supply list above I linked my favorite place to buy HTV vinyl and other vinyl products.

A bleached front black long sleeve tshirt sitting on a table with a Cricut easy press sitting to the right

Once the design was cut out I used my Easy Press to apply this to the shirt but this can also be done with a normal household iron.

A close up picture of a black tshirt with a light brown bleach spot with the wording "happiness is camping"

And I had a great shirt to take with us camping and I wore it proudly while gathered around the campfire. I can see many camping trips with this shirt in the future.

A woman standing next to a tree in a campground wearing a black long sleeve shirt with the words "happiness is camping"

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