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As long as I can remember my maternal grandmother, Juanita was always sewing, knitting and creating something. I have several items that she made that I will be handing down to my kids someday. Part of me feels very connected to her as I enjoy creating and making all the things as well. During the last part of her life I remember her love of embroidery. Unfortunately I never had the chance to learn embroidery from her before she passed, however I recently decided to start exploring embroidery for beginners. This was one of those DIY projects that I wanted to explore for the pure enjoyment for myself. I wanted to share these embroidery for beginners resources that I discovered and that I am enjoying creating.

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Embroidery for Beginners Resources

When starting my embroidery journey I actually had a flower bouquet kit that I had purchased a year ago with an Etsy gift card that I had received for my birthday. Now I would not recommend starting with this type of kit without having any prior embroidery experience. When I was a pre-teen I was really into cross-stitching so this did help with knowing how to use the thread for embroidery. This flower bouquet was a learning curve and the kit did come with a little direction so that was helpful.

A close up of a floral bouquet embroidered on a white background framed in a hoop

After I finished this kit with some mistakes here and there I decided that I wanted to learn the most common embroidery stitches. I found this great beginners kit on Amazon and it came with all the supplies needed. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone learning embroidery.

A close up of an un-stitched embroidery pattern on a white fabric

The stitches in this beginners kit start with the easiest of stitches and then slowly become more complicated as you progress through each one. One of the stitches was the hardest for me to accomplish, the bullion. For some reason it was just so challenging for me, I did end up looking the stitch up on Youtube so that I could see it stitched on video.

A close up of a bullion stitch on an embroidery pattern
An above view of a colorful practice stitches of embroidery
An above view of a practice stitch embroidery on white fabric

After completing this embroidery for beginners kit I was very excited to create more embroidery and not just on hoops. I found this book at Powell’s book store during a browsing trip and decided I would complete a small embroidery design each month this year. I will write a complete post on this later but I am really looking forward to this “me project this year.”

A close up of a book entitled "a year of embroidery"

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