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My kids have finally reached the age that they are more specific about what they want for Christmas. I can’t just buy any car toy for my son and any doll for my daughter and have them be very excited. We have entered the tween years. My son is 12 and my daughter is 10 so this year I decided to find gifts for tweens that boys or girls will like that will hopefully be deemed “cool”.

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3D Printing Pen-One gift that both of my kids are very excited to possibly receive is a 3D printing pen, in our household this is the top gift of the year.

Digital Cameras-Our kids do not yet have their own phones but they both love to take pictures so these digital cameras are affordable and compact for them to take pictures

Custom Neon LED Sign-What kid wouldn’t love a custom neon LED sign for their room? These are super cool and fun to decorate a tween room

Wireless Earphones-The tween years mean lots of listening to music, watching YouTube and playing video games and as parents we would love to have it quiet and they want their independence to listen to their own thing

Crocs-These plastic shoes are making a comeback with kids, both our kids have requested pairs of Crocs and the Jibbetz charms to decorate their Crocs

Portable Ping Pong-This is genius! An affordable solution to a fun game that can turn a dining room table into a fun winter activity for the whole family

Cinema Light Box-This is such a fun way for kids to express how they are feeling with fun colors and emojis, another great addition to their room decor

Tie-Dye Kit-I don’t know any kids who are not into tie-dye, whether it be shirts or back-packs or bandanas

Electric Scooter-Our kids received regular scooters many years ago but this is the new version that is all the rage, the color changing is a pretty cool feature too

Wearable Blanket Hoodie-These cozy hoodies are the perfect thing for a cozy movie night during Winter

All these gift options are great gifts for tweens, whether they are boys or girls and will hopefully grow with them for several years.

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