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I have fond memories of my time in 4-H Cooking Class when I was in the fourth grade. If you aren’t familiar 4-H was created around the country to engage youth in different home activities so that they can become productive and self-directed adults. My mom was our group leader and we would come together to learn about proper measuring of ingredients, food safety and how to properly cook and bake and then, of course, eat our yummy creations. I believe that my love for cooking and baking today was formed in those early years of learning. So if you are reading this Mom, thank you! And because of my love of baking and cooking, I gathered some of my favorite and best gift ideas for bakers!

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Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone baking mats make a great gift for any baker

These things are a game changer. I have multiple sizes and I love them all. They work in place of parchment paper when baking cookies and I love that they fit on my baking sheets perfectly. They are ideal for use when baking pies or anything involving rolling out dough.

Commercial Baking Sheets

Commercial baking sheets are high quality and make the perfect gift

If you are a serious baker or know someone who is these are wonderful. They are commercial grade, made of thick aluminum and hold up remarkably well to heavy use.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls in all different sizes are great for any cook's kitchen

I feel like you can’t have too many mixing bowls in multiple sizes. These are especially handy when making multiple recipes or when recipes require multiple steps.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Having multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons make a perfect gift

To me measuring cups and measuring spoons are like mixing bowls, more is definitely better. I have three sets and I love having multiple sets, especially for recipes that require a lot of measurements.

Kitchenaid Mixer

Every kitchen deserves a Kitchenaid Mixer

In my opinion, the Kitchenaid mixer is a must in any kitchen. It’s a workhorse whether you are making cookie dough, frosting, whipped cream or dough. It has multiple attachments and is a quality product that will last for years to come.

Wooden Spoons

Having multiple wooden spoons is needed for any kitchen

I love me a good wooden spoon. I use them almost always when I cook or bake.(Except when working with batters!) They also make a great display in a kitchen crock.

LeCreuset Cookware

Lecreuset Cookware and Bakeware makes the perfect gift for the baker or cook in your family that has everything

LeCreuset Cookware is excellent. It comes in many varieties but my favorite is the cast iron and enameled cast iron. They have a variety of colors to choose from and the quality you are getting is superb. LeCreuset is higher end cookware and therefore it does not come cheap. Start with one piece and your giftee won’t be disappointed.

Silicone Spatulas

Rubber spatulas are indispensable in the kitchen from baking to cooking

Rubber and silicone spatulas are indispensable for any kitchen cook. Having multiples comes in handy when you need more than one when making cookies, cakes or frostings.


Having a cookbook collection is great for any cooks kitchen

I have an extensive cookbook collection, now I don’t cook out of them all the time but I love receiving all types of cookbooks to add to my collection. When I want to throw in some new recipes to my usual rounds I head to my multiple cookbooks to peruse and read.

These are a few of my favorite things for my kitchen, do you have any must-haves that you would add to the list?



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