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I have a Christmas tree obsession this year. Although I think I have had this every year, just that this year I have decided to add more than one big tree to our home! I decided that because I love Christmas so much and because I want to try doing a type of theme on a tree every year that I needed more than one to decorate. 

Our main tree in the living room will always be the real tree that we go out and pick out as a family and that the kids get to put all their ornaments on. But this year I also wanted to do a garden themed Christmas tree because I love to garden. And I just couldn’t tell the kids that their slightly OCD mom wanted only garden-themed ornaments on the tree. That’s not fair.

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So when Michaels advertised 60% off their faux trees online I jumped at the chance. Last year I started to love the pencil trees that were coming to the market so I chose a tree that was described as “cashmere” and excitedly awaited its arrival. The day it shipped I told my hubby about the purchase, he was super thrilled (insert sarcasm) about buying another Christmas tree and now having to store this for years but he loves me and he knows my love for Christmas. 

A thin pencil tree in the corner of a dining room with open window shades on the right, a dining room table with a table runn and bottle trees in the center and stockings hanging on the wall next to a picture of Santa

This tree is going in the corner of our dining room, we don’t use our dining room table for eating, it’s mainly a catchall for craft projects so the placing was perfect. 

The garden-themed ornaments are from a variety of sources. My first purchase, however, was from my fellow garden lover, Mrs. Joanna Gaines. I had this garden themed tree in mind since August but then when Magnolia came out with their holiday line and I saw all the garden themed ornaments this sealed the deal. I mean look at the tiny shovel, rake and hoe, and that sparkly greenhouse!

A close up of a pencil tree with a hoe, shovel and rake ornament hanging between some red glitter balls and felt ball garland
A close up of a pencil tree with a glass greenhouse ornament, a watering can, peppers and felt ball garland

Now I will also admit that this tree went up before Thanksgiving which is not normal for me. I will normally wait until after Thanksgiving but because the tree arrived early November and I wanted to get it out of the box and inspect it I figured why not just put it in place now instead of boxing it back up. And then I could start adding my decorations as I purchased them and I would have less to decorate after Thanksgiving. 

A thin pencil tree with white lights, a string garland with felt balls and wood balls, a glass greenhouse on the left and several red and brown Christmas ball ornaments and a cross-stitched beans pillow ornament

The entire inspiration for this tree came from that hand cross-stitched ornament above that I found at a garage sale early in the summer. As a fellow cross-stitcher myself I couldn’t bear leaving it behind since I know the time and love that went into making that ornament. I hope someday to make similiar cross-stitch ornaments just like it with other vegetables and fruits to add to my tree each year.

A pencil tree with a red shiny wheelbarrow glass ornament on the left and red cherries in the center

I found a felt ball and wood garland on Amazon and added some red and brown bulb ornaments that I found at Wal-Mart for a little more interest. When it came to the topper I knew that I didn’t want to do the traditional star but really had no idea what should go on the top. That is until I swung into Al’s Garden and Home which is a garden store in our area. I found a faux bird on a clip that I thought would work perfectly on top for the garden tree.

A fake bird on a clip is attached to the top of a fake pencil Christmas tree

Sources for Garden Themed Christmas Tree

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