Felt Ball Valentine Coasters

DIY Heart Coasters using felt balls

Are you a craft supply hoarder? Do you need a support group? I answer yes to both those questions! Haha! I’m Amy and I hoard craft supplies….I think the attraction is all the possibilities that can come from the vast amount of supplies. I mean floral wire can be used for all sorts of projects, and you never know when you will need lace, fabric or buttons for all sorts of different projects. Now that I have that off my chest I must tell you about my latest obsession with tiny felt balls. They are just so cute and the possibilities seem endless. If you peruse Pinterest or Instagram you will see them strung together for garland or made into wreaths.

See! So cute!

Felt balls ready for crafting

I ordered an assorted felt ball set from Amazon with no idea what I would be making but the price was good. After they arrived I thought about Valentine’s Day coming up and how cute heart coasters would be with the assorted purples, pinks, and whites.

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Step 1

Heart template for the heart coaster

We found scrap wood to create these coasters, this wood was about 1/4″ thick. I printed the heart out to be about 4″ x 4″. Now the best way to get it onto the wood would be to cut it out and trace it onto the wood. Well, we were in Justin’s shop and didn’t have scissors and were being lazy and didn’t want to go back to the house.  Justin found some push pins and made poke marks onto the wood to follow with the jigsaw. So what I’m saying is don’t do what we did! LOL

Heart traced onto thin scrap wood for the coaster

Then cut the heart out with a jigsaw.

Cutting a heart coaster with a jigsaw

Once we had the heart cut out I used some coarse sandpaper to clean the edges.

Step 2

I pulled out all the pinks, purples, and whites for the first heart and played around with placement and then just started using the hot glue gun to attach the felt balls to the wood. I used 19 on my heart.

Felt balls make a great base for a coaster

Use a glue gun to apply the felt balls to the wood base

Step 3

After I was done I didn’t like that I could see the wood on the side and decided to use some lace from my stash and glued this around the base to hide the wood.

Heart coasters are perfect for Valentine's Day


And because we had cut two hearts I decided to pull out some of the greens and blues and make a manly heart for Justin to use. Oh so cute!

Heart coaster for the main man in your life

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  1. Those coasters are adorable Amy! I need to be in the support group for craft hoarders too, you should see my craft studio… it’s ridiculous! I love those little felt balls too, I haven’t bought any but I’m always hovering over the “add to cart” button! ha ha!


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