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I’m back again this week to share another Cricut project! Check out my original post about how to make a bag tag a couple weeks ago about the “Use Your Cricut Challenge.” This challenge is from Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff is doing this year with a different theme each week. And now that we are in February this weeks theme is “hearts.”

Ever since I have had my Cricut I have wanted to create faux Cricut earrings. You may have seen many different types on Pinterest. But with Valentine’s day coming up I wanted to create ones a little different than what I was seeing but still in the teardrop shape that is very popular. I decided to do Cricut faux leather earrings with a heart cutout. I have included screenshots of my full tutorial to show you exactly how to do this with your Cricut. You can personalize it too if you possibly want a different cutout or maybe a larger heart cut out in a different position.  It took me a lot of trial and error in Cricut Design Space to figure it out and that’s why I wanted to share. Now I know I could have found someone else’s tutorial but I was being impatient and didn’t want to scroll through tons of blog posts if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So instead I just clicked all sorts of buttons in Design Space until I figured it out. You know sometimes it just best to play around!

Supplies Needed to Make Cricut Faux Leather Earrings

So I started with a teardrop shape, any shape will do and really this will depend on your personal preference. Make sure to size it to the size you want it because I first made the earrings way to big for my liking. (I’m terrible at paying attention to measurements!) Then pick any heart shape and place it on your teardrop where you would want it to be cut-out.

The next step I didn’t get a good screenshot of but you will want to click on “Select All” which is on the top menu and then click on “Slice” which will be highlighted down on the bottom right. This will create the cutout effect in the teardrop and not have it be a separate cut.

Once you have your first earring done you will want to make an identical one for the other ear. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the image and then click on “duplicate”, this will make an exact replica of your earring so that the earrings look exactly the same. AGAIN MAKE SURE THE EARRING IS THE EXACT SIZE YOU WANT IT BEFORE DUPLICATING IT. (You can always click on the undo button though if you forget but I am just trying to save you that hassle).

Once you have your identical earrings you may want to flip them depending on what design you are looking for. I decided to do a “Flip horizontal” so that when the earrings are in my ears the hearts are to the outside of my ears. To do this you will just click on the one you want to flip and then in the top menu click on “Flip” and it will give you the two options to flip horizontal or vertical.

Now it’s time to cut!

You will need your dial on Custom to cut the faux leather, you see below that once you turn the dial to custom you will have different options available in Cricut Design Space.

A close up view of a Cricut machine dial pointing at custom with the on button lit up

When you cut faux leather you will want to have the shiny side of the leather face down on your cutting mat.

A Cricut machine cutting close up with faux leather sheet on a cutting mat face down

Now initially when I created the earrings  I thought I just wanted to have a see-through heart cut out but after cutting them I realized I didn’t want to be able to see through the heart. So I took another sheet of the faux leather and cut off two small squares and then cut out two solid teardrops to glue to the back so that you wouldn’t be able to see the small squares.

A whitewashed wood table with two heart cut out teardrop earrings with two copper colored faux leather squares and two solid tear drop faux leather with the shiny side toward the table

I used gorilla glue to glue these together, this was just a glue I had on hand, I also had hot glue but didn’t think it would work as well because hot glue can be hard to control at times.

A tear drop faux leather earring turned over with gorilla glue drizzled on top ready to be bound with the backer

I took some heavy books and let them sit on top of the earrings overnight to make sure the glued leather didn’t start peeling up and that they were firmly together.

Then it was time to put in the fish hooks for the earrings. I didn’t get any pictures of this but I used a sharp needle that I had to poke a small hole through the top of each teardrop. The circle closure on the fish hook earrings easily bends slightly so that you can put the piece through the hole you made and then bend it back to close it up.

And now I have these beautiful earrings to wear on Valentine’s Day but also for any time of the year.

Finished deep purple tinted faux leather teardrop earrings with copper colored faux leather heart cutouts hanging from a milk glass bowl

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