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When we moved into our farmhouse over 2 years ago our master bedroom was the last thing on our minds to change.  As you can see here we spent the first year focusing on other projects in the house. It was about a year ago (our second year in the house) that I started thinking that our room needed some attention. I even wrote an entire post about it! But as you know with all things in life other projects come up and just life in general and before we knew it a year had gone by! Well, I realized we needed an updated oasis for ourselves and a room that functioned better. Our master bedroom had a lot of drawbacks and ideally, we would like to make the room bigger and split the bathroom in half to create a master bathroom. But the budget is just not currently there to allow for a full construction remodel of our bedroom. Which brings us to today and updated the space to give it a refresh that will work for now and will give us that oasis we (ok maybe just I as Justin doesn’t seem to care!) desire.

This also was timely as this month’s theme for the At Home DIY Challenge is: DIY Home Improvement! See the link at the bottom of the post to see all the other awesome DIY Home Improvements for April.

Master Bedroom Before

So here is what we started with, again we didn’t change anything since we moved in:

View from the end of the bed toward a small horizontal window and a door leading to a bathroom on the far right
A view of a brown closet door shut with brown carpet an the end of a bed sticking out to the right with a door open in the far right of the picture
A view of open bifold closet doors with hanging clothes on a rod, brown carpet and two file cabinets in the middle of the closet

My first plan was to move our bed from under the window. The reason we had it there when we moved in is that the only electrical outlets in the room are on either side of our bed. So we wanted to be able to plug our lamps in to have adequate lighting in the room. Also because there is no overhead light in the room. The light switch controls the plugin so that is how we lit the room for 2 years.

Because this room is so tiny compared to most master bedrooms (9.5′ x 12′) we had to change our door to swing out instead of in so that it would give us more room to move our bed. We actually did this early last summer and it made such a huge difference not having a door in the room.

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A look at a short hall with a white door opened against the door

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Lighting

When thinking about what we wanted to do about lighting I knew I wanted something that was interesting but wasn’t going to require opening up all our walls. I kept seeing sconces on Pinterest and other sites and really liked them so we decided to install those and replace our nightstand lamps since electrical outlets were going to be an issue. Luckily my cousin is going through the electrician apprenticeship and helped us get these hardwired in. These sconces are actually outdoor lights from Home Depot but they were the only ones I found that I liked that weren’t astronomically priced. (For some reason all my pictures from installing the sconces and running wires have disappeared so here is one after one coat of paint on the accent wall).

A teal wall with a bed in the foreground and two black sconces on each side of the picture

The room also badly needed an updated paint job as the walls and ceiling were just dirty and dingy. So I gave the entire room a paint job with some white Behr paint that we had leftover from when we first moved in and painted every other space.

The corner of a bedroom with a white painted "cut-in" against a dingy white wall

As soon as I painted the walls and ceiling I started getting super motivated to get this room completed and realized that the brown carpet flooring just had to go. Late last summer I had purchased a rug from Well Woven after seeing their awesome rugs featured in the home of Erin from Cotton Stem. I originally thought we might rip up the carpet and then just put the rug down over the subfloor until we decided to complete our room add-on. But as time went on I realized that it was going to be a while before we had the funds to do this renovation project. So we decided to put down vinyl plank flooring that has the wood look to it.

Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

Justin was awesome at transforming our floor in our bedroom. He ripped out all the carpet while I was at baseball practice with our son so when I got home all we had to do was remove the padding and tack strips. And we started the tedious task of pulling the staples that were used in keeping the carpet pad in place.

Viewing into a bedroom with part of the closet showing on the right, blue metal blinds covering a window on the left, carpet pad in a pile on the lower left
A man sitting on his knees on a floor near a heat vent with a screwdriver and pliers removing floor staples from a subfloor

Justin and his friend spent a Saturday to install the vinyl plank flooring, this flooring is great and very forgiving if you have uneven floors. (Which any old house seems to have). This floor was actually so much easier to install than the laminate wood floors we installed in the office and walk-in pantry. I will have an entire blog post soon about how Justin installed these floors.

Finishing Touches

After the floor was installed all that was left really was adding the finishing details and getting everything put back together.

I had purchased a tufted headboard last summer from Amazon during Prime Day because it was a great deal and I knew we couldn’t make one for the price they were offering. (That was the original plan). As you can tell I had been planning on what I wanted to do with this room for a while but we hadn’t actually done any of the work.

View of a queen size bed from near the floor with a blue, white, gold flecked rug on the lower half of the picture
An open closet with a dresser on the right, with a view of the end of a bed on the lower left and a view into a bathroom on the upper left
Queen size bed made up with lot of pillows against a blue/teal painted wall with sconces on either side of the bed with a blue/white rug beneath the bed

As you may remember from the title of this post that this is part 1 because there are still some other finishing details that need to be completed before I can call this room complete.

So next up will be:

  • adding curtains
  • finish painting trim
  • painting nightstands and possibly dressers
  • adding another type of light source near the bathroom
  • adding decor above the headboard
  • new sheets
  • bring hope chest that my Grandfather made for me back from my parent’s house to fit at the end of the bed
  • Add curtains to the closet instead of putting the doors back

I can’t wait to share Part two of the bedroom but until then I would love for you to check out all the other awesome DIY Home Improvements this month from the blog hop:

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24 Comments on Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh Part 1

  1. I really like what you have done. Changing the door to swing out was genius! The new paint and flooring look amazing. Not to mention the lighting, too.
    Thanks fr sharing!

  2. Yay! You finally started the work on your Master Bedroom. Love the progress so far with the paint, floors and the cute lights.

  3. I see a really big improvement here! Congrats to you!
    I think your bed looks like mine; all the right ingredients, but looks a little flat. What do you have planned for it? I can’t figure out what to do to make the bed look like the ones in magazines.

    Any suggestions? Sorry if you posted about this elsewhere. I just happily found you!

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