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Week 7 is here for the One Room Challenge. I still can’t believe it’s already been seven weeks. It feels like just yesterday that the challenge started. But the laundry room is so close to being done. I had been looking at my before pictures and seeing how far this room has come feels like a great accomplishment. This week was all about completing the farmhouse laundry room backsplash. You may remember that there was just a laminate backsplash with like a silver trim that matched the countertops.

A man removing a laminate backsplash on a countertop
A white painted laminate countertop

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Supplies Needed for Farmhouse Laundry Room Backsplash

Once that was removed there was a yellow glue residue leftover. And initially I had no idea what I wanted to do for the backsplash. After looking up and down the tile aisle at Home Depot I decided I wanted to do some type of subway tile. And I found this subway tile by Jeffrey Court and it’s a gray with an iridescent color to it. So depending on the light, it looks different. I love that it is not a solid color and that it fits with the grays in the laundry room.

This tile was pretty simple to install, we ended up needing two boxes based on the square footage. For any type of tile project you will need a tile saw or a tile cutter. We had some friends who let us borrow their tile saw. A tile saw looks like a table saw but water is used in the cutting process. A tile cutter is a more affordable option where you score the tile along a line you want to cut and then break it apart. We opted for a tile saw just because Justin didn’t want too much waste and felt like a tile cutter can break along the wrong lines at times.

An orange bucket with gray mortar with a man's hands holding a trowel and a tile

He used a large bucket to mix the gray mortar and then used small hand trowels to apply the mortar. We decided to just go with this simple subway pattern where you split the difference in half of each of the tiles and then used tile spacers to create an even gap for the grout.

Justin started in the corner and worked his way to the edges. He did this after dark so the lighting isn’t the greatest in these progress pictures. He chose to place the mortar directly on the tile and then put it on the wall. And once he finished that he used the tile spacers to make sure all the grout lines would be even.

Once this was completed and set it was time to apply the grout. I decided to go with a dark gray grout because this is the laundry room and with my Etsy shop, I do a lot of painting, prep and cleanup and I didn’t want to have to deal with cleaning white grout.

The grout was mixed up in a small container and applied with at trowel and then the excess was wiped off with a sponge.

In order to finish off the edges we chose to get sanded grout caulk in gray (this can be found in the tile aisle) to finish off each edge of the backsplash for a more uniform look.

A picture of gray subway tile backsplash with a marble looking countertop and blue cabinets
A bank of blue cabinets with gold hardware, a white marble countertop with a stainess steel sink and faucet on the left and a grey tiled backsplash
A grey tiled backsplash with a white marble countertop and a stainless steal faucet on the right

I couldn’t be more happier with this tile, it is so pretty to look at. It was an easy install, because there’s not so many angles to cut. And I’m even thinking about now I’m putting subway tile in our kitchen when we redo a kitchen someday.

A bank of blue cabinets with gold hardware, a white marble countertop with a stainess steel sink and faucet on the right and a grey tiled backsplash
A close up of a stainless steel faucet against a grey subway tile backsplash
Blue cabinets in a laundry room with gold hardware, a white marble countertop with a grey subway tile backsplash and a stainless steel sink and facuet with a blue towel hanging to the right of the faucet

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