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The new collection is out from Hearth & Hand by Magnolia for Fall 2019 line and I am in love all the textures and mustardy yellow and orange colors! I have rounded up some of my favs that would look great for any type of decor. My favorite way to decorate for a new season is to buy a couple of new pieces to add to what I already have or what I have already DIY’d. One tip I have when for shopping for new decor is to buy a couple of pieces that you know you love and would want to display year after year or that can be used for multiple seasons.

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Woodland Tree Art | Jute Rug with Charcoal Stripe | Gray Throw Blanket | Faux Yellow Hop Wreath | Faux Berry Arrangement | Faux Bay Leaf Stem | Black Stripe Table Runner | Black Lantern | Amber Bottle

There are so many other great pieces in the new collection that could be used for fall, winter and even into Spring and Summer. I love decor that serves more than one purpose. And blankets and table runners in neutral colors can be used all throughout the year.


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