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Some of you may remember my DIY string art that I did for Valentine’s Day of a heart shape, this was a super simple and easy craft that anyone can do. And now I decided to increase the difficulty with the string art by doing multiple colors for an Easter themed string art DIY.

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Materials Needed for Egg String Art DIY

So as before I cut a simple egg shape with my Cricut machine on cardstock and taped this to the scrap wood board. This can also be done freehand and not done with a cutting machine. For the heart I decided to stain the wood and this time I decided to paint it black so that the Easter colors will stand out against the background.

I did make one egg string art DIY already and I chose to do a stained background with three different stripes on it. I like it except that with this design the blue in the middle doesn’t completely cover the wood. This was because I was only winding the string over four different nails so there was not as many directions you can go with the string to get all the wood covered behind.

So for this next egg I decided to paint the wood black. I taped on my template so that I could pre-drill the holes. The wood I used was a very hardwood so I needed to pre-drill so that the nails would not bend. If you have a softer wood you may not need to pre-drill. I would test this by trying to hammer a nail into the back of your board and see how easy it hammers in so that about 1/2″ is still showing.

A close up of a drill being used to drill holes on the outside of a brown egg

After pre-drilling (or just hammering in the nails) it is time to start the strings. Again I decided to use three colors and I wanted it to be a little bit more like a random tie dye effect. I started with the three different colors on three different nails, and then just started randomly wrapping each color so that they would overlap each other as I went along.

A close up of a black piece of wood with nails hammered in the shape of an egg
egg string art DIY
A close up of a black piece of wood with blue, purple and yellow string randomly strung over nails in the shape of an egg

I like to end the string color where I started, so that I can tie the tail from the start to the tail from the end and then clipped the ends off with a scissors and tucked them underneath.

An egg string art on a black wood sitting on a table with green speckled eggs in front
A close up of a blue, yellow and light purple cotton yarn strung on nails on a black piece of wood on a brown table with light green speckled eggs in the foreground

I just love the way this string art DIY turned out, now I want to make a shape for every holiday!

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