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Over the last several years I have been trying to transition areas of our home to be more eco-friendly. And as all changes go some are easier than others to adjust to. There are many different brands and types of eco-friendly products on the market now and it can be a little overwhelming to know which products to choose. I am going to share with you all the eco-friendly products for your home that we currently use in our home and have enjoyed and are working well for our family.

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Resources for Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

Eco-Friendly Products for Laundry

First up I will talk about Dropps. This is a company I became familiar with over two years ago. This company is a ship to home company that started out making laundry pods that come in completely recyclable packaging. These have become a game changer for our laundry and makes it so much easier. These are eco-friendly pods that are detergent and they also come in oxi-boost pods and fabric softener pods. I like to store my pods in glass jars that I found at the thrift store.

An above view of laundry pods in a box
A view of two glass jars with laundry pods in each, on the left are yellow pods and on the right there are white pods
A close up of a clear glass jar with white laundry pods inside

In addition to the laundry pods they also carry dishwasher pods and hand washing pods. I have tried both and currently use both however I am not sold on the hand washing pods yet. I feel the foaming lather from Dropps does not “lather” as well as other hand soaps.

Keeping on the subject of laundry we have also used wool dryer balls for over 10 years. I highly recommend them and would not go back to dryer sheets. I have had 2 sets of different dryer balls over the years and still use them all to this day.

A close up of white wool dryer balls

Eco-Friendly Products for the Kitchen

Let’s move onto eco-friendly products for the kitchen. I try to use as little plastic as possible but we all are human and sometimes it’s just hard to avoid. We use glass containers for most of our leftovers and also use reusable gallon ziplock bags when possible.

An above view of semi-clear reusable gallon size ziplock bags

For general cleaning around the house we use microfiber cloths which I bought in bulk, they are great for cleaning and wiping all the surfaces in the house. I also just purchased this multi-surface cleaner from Blueland that is a tablet you add to water in a spray bottle to use on all surfaces. I have been using the multi-surface cleaner for several months now and I like it. The spray bottle on the other hand was not great and the nozzle always took forever to recoil back but I just changed the spray nozzle with another one I had on hand and now it works great.

An above view of green, blue and yellow microfiber cloths on a grey table
A close up of a plastic spray bottle with paper wrapped tablets sitting next to it

Natural Living Products for the Bathroom

I also purchased the toilet bowl tablets from Blueland and I have to say that I love these. They fizz immediately when they are placed in the bowl and since we are in the country and are on well water we always have discoloration in our toilet from the hard water and all this comes clean. I bought the starter which comes with a metal tin for storing the tablets.

A close up of white tablets in a metal bin

In addition to the toilet bowl cleaner I also bought the hand soap dispenser. I had used the one from Dropps but it didn’t foam that well and I never felt like my hands were getting clean enough. I also loved that this hand soap comes in a pretty glass container and I feel like it foams so much better.

An above view of a hand washing pump bottle and paper wrapped tablets

Natural Living Beauty Products

One of the last places in our home that I have switched over to natural products is in my own skincare routine. I started using Dime skincare products a couple years ago, since I was a teenager I have had issues with acne and I was still getting acne as an adult. I decided to overhaul my skincare and started using Dime products and have never looked back. I currently use the gel cleanser, the hyalaronic acid, TBT cream, hyper glow, SPF and eye cream. In addition to the skincare I also buy our bar soap, body lotion and lip balm from a friend of mine who has her own skincare business. The natural products have been more beneficial for my skin.

A close up of several skin care products from Dime that are in black bottles

I have also started using a natural makeup foundation called Crunchi, I learned about this product from an Instagram influencer and with all things like this I was skeptical at first. However I decided to try the foundation and it has been great, it’s not greasy, doesn’t cause breakouts and is actually a “clean” product for my skin. I have not yet switched the rest of my makeup products but I do see myself changing these in the near future.

An above view of Crunchi foundation and a makeup brush and sponges

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