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Summer is when we spend the majority of our times outside, whether it be going on hikes, playing in the water or just laying out in the sun soaking up some Vitamin D. However when we are hosting those backyard barbeques there are those of us who love to decorate when hosting and that is why I wanted to share this super easy tablescape for your summer decor. This can be great for an indoor or outdoor setting. Our dining room table can look so empty so that is why I decided to create this look inside but I think it would be great for a picnic setting in the park as well!

This summer decor idea takes minimal effort and only a couple of supplies. I have a variety of old bottles that I use in my decor year-round that were perfect for the flower stems. Other ideas would be a variety of vases (you can always find these at thrift stores!)

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Supplies Needed for Easy Summer Decor Tablescape

An above view of a table runner on a dining room table

The first step is to put down a table runner, this isn’t 100% necessary but helps the display by being an anchor piece. I used an old table runner that I had purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric years earlier. Above I linked some similar table runners.

I have a collection of old clear jars that I cleaned and use in my every day decor that I knew would be perfect for this display. Once I had all my jars picked out I filled each one half way with water.

A dining room table with a white table runner and flower stems in clear glass jars

Then I went around our yard and garden and picked a variety of flowers in all different colors and sizes. Since some of my jars are small I picked even small stems since I knew they would look great mixed in with the bigger ones.

A close up of clear jars in varying sizes with flower stems in each jar
A close up of a rose bud in a clear glass jar sitting on a table

Once I had all the stems I started arranging the jars on the table runner, I decided to do a random placing of the jars so that the large and small jars weren’t uniform on the table runner.

Then all I needed to do was insert the flowers. As you can see on some of the jars I placed two or more stems from the same flower in the jar to give some of the jars a fuller look.

A close up of a yellow snapdragon in a clear glass jar on a table with other flowers in glass jars

This summer decor tablescape is simple, easy and affordable and could be done as an interior or exterior display. I can just imagine seeing this display outside on a picnic table for a summer get together.

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