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Fall is fast approaching! Although our current weather here in NW Oregon is in the 100s so it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet. Also my son started his first day of Kindergarten today! Eeek! On one hand I will miss his snuggles in the mornings on my days off and on the other I know I will find time to enjoy some Mommy and me time with my daughter and some mommy alone time.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. Fall. It’s about 2 weeks away and the pumpkins and harvest decor have already invaded most stores. Today I wanted to share an easy DIY that I did to add a little of the harvest season to our home decor.

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The first step is to find some wood that you want to use for your project. I found some scrap boards in my parent’s barn and then cut these down to 7 1/4″ x 5 1/4″. You can really make your signs any length or width you want.

Scrap boards painted with one coat of white paint for a rustic look

These boards were in pretty good shape and just needed a wipe down and some light sanding. I then painted one coat of white over them, I only did the one coat because I wanted a more rustic look. Another cool look would be to whitewash the wood (you can use the same technique that I used on our fireplace to whitewash wood).

Fabric Pumpkin Cut-Outs

Being the fabric hoarder that my mom and I are (a whole other story!) between the two of us we had some fabric scraps to choose from for the pumpkins. I used a pumpkin cookie cutter as a template for my pumpkins and used a fabric pen to trace the pumpkin designs before I cut them out.

Using mod-podge I applied the fabric pumpkins to the boards, overlapping them a bit on one of the signs for a more defined look.

Using mod podge to add fabric pumpkins to create easy fall sign decor
Fabric pumpkins are applied with mod podge to wood boards

Fall Wording

I wanted to add another element to these signs and thought of what Fall is to me and added that verbiage on the signs with tracer paper. To do this I just opened up a word document and typed in my words with a pretty font and then printed them out. I then used the tracing paper to trace my wording onto the board with a pencil and then painted with black acrylic paint.

Use carbon tracing paper to trace wording onto signs
Tracing paper was used to apply wording to wood signs

Wood Frame

I had found some smaller trim wood when sorting through wood at my parents’ so I decided to use this to add a frame to my signs. After measuring I lightly sanded the wood and left it as is. I then used a brad nailer to add the frame to the signs. You can also use wood glue if you don’t have a brad nailer.

Small wood trim applied to signs to finish
Happy Fall DIY Wood sign
DIY Halloween wood sign decor

And now I have some additional Fall decor that will be able to be displayed through Thanksgiving. And the nice thing about this project is that you can cut out any shape or any color of fabric to use it for any occasion! Happy crafting!







Sharing is caring!

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