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Easter is such a special time of year to celebrate Christ rising from the dead and sacrificing for us, the flowers are all starting to emerge and the sun has begun to shine more frequently. I wanted to share a fun and easy outdoor Easter decoration that the whole family can participate in. This idea is actually one from my childhood. When we were younger we would have a surprise visit from the “Easter Bunny” who would leave us a branch with eggs hanging from it. We know this was one of my Aunt’s but to this day none of them will fess up as to who did this little ritual for their nieces/nephews.

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Materials Needed for Outdoor Easter Decoration

This project is super simple to finish and would only take an hour or so depending on how many eggs you decide to use. I used a combination of eggs from JoAnn’s and Target. The nice thing about these newer made eggs is that they have two holes in the top that makes it easier to attach the fishing line.

A close up of plastic Easter eggs sitting on a table

I cut lengths of fishing twine between 4-6″ and then threaded an end through the holes and tied a knot to make a hanger.

A close up of fishing line loops tied onto the tops of plastic eggs
A close up of plastic eggs in a bucket

Once I had all the eggs with hangers in a basket I hung them outside on a dogwood tree that we have at the end of our driveway. I also cut a dead branch off one of our peach trees and stuck it in a flower pot by our front porch and hung some from there.

An unbloomed dogwood tree with plastic eggs hanging from the limbs
A wide view of a tree in a yard with plastic Easter eggs hanging from the limbs

The kids did not know about this project and were very excited when we pulled in the driveway to see the egg tree.

A close up of a small branch stuck in a flower pot with plastic Easter eggs hanging from the limbs

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