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It’s been such a long time since I’ve shared anything about our kitchen. The previous updates are highlighted here: painting of our cabinets a couple of years ago. And then the removal of our drop ceiling in the kitchen 2018, but I haven’t really given an update as to what it looks like now. So let’s do that now!

As a reminder of what it looked like before I have sprinkled in some of the before pictures!

Once the drop ceiling was removed we needed to do some patching with mud, tape and match the texture so that it ended up going seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. We had received quotes for the work to be done professionally but it was going to be a couple thousand dollars to do this update. We were being told the whole kitchen ceiling would need to be scraped down and textured again for the new ceiling area to match the existing ceiling. So because of the cost factor we ended up doing the majority of the mud, tape and texture ourselves (and by we I mean Justin and a friend of his). Now if a trained professional looked at the ceiling I am sure they would probably see where our lines meet, or where it doesn’t look uniform, but if you are not looking at closely it all looks seamless. And we were happy with it and that is all that matters.

A view of the drop ceiling removed and shows untextured drywall where the drop part was
A side view of a kitchen with silver pendant lights hanging above the bar area and a pink flower bouquet on the counter

We applied new paint to the area and installed three sconce lights, over the bar area to replace the lights that had previously been in the drop ceiling.

A close up of three pendant lights
A side view close up with a kitchen counter in the foreground and white painted cabinets in the background with a sink on the right and a microwave above the stove

In addition to the bar lights, we installed a new light over the kitchen sink and this one is hard wired and not plugged into a hidden outlet. (See my previous post about removing the drop ceiling to see what I am talking about).

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Resources for Kitchen Remodel:

A side view of a kitchen with a fridge in the middle, brown pantry doors to the left and an above the stove microwave on the right

Another update to the kitchen since the cabinets were done is that we installed the microwave over the stove, which you can read about here.

Facing a kitchen island with pendant lights and a window with a microwave and stove on the left
A side view of a kitchen with a u-shape and a long island with a 1 foot drop ceiling above with fluorescent lights

I am very happy with the way the ceiling ended up looking after we were done! The kitchen still has some updates that are needed but those will come someday!

A side view of a kitchen with a fridge in the middle, brown pantry doors to the left and an above the stove microwave on the right
A view of a U shaped kitchen into the corner with an island and a window above the sink to the left and a sliding door to the right

The future updates in the kitchen will include:

  • New kitchen floors-I have been praying for these the most!
  • New countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Kitchen sink and faucet replacement
  • New fridge

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