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There is nothing that says Summer more than a bouquet of hydrangeas. In my opinion these and dahlia flowers are “flowers of Summer.” One of the downsides of a bouquet of hydrangeas is that they never seem to last long in a vase. So in order to enjoy these beautiful flowers a little longer I suggest making a wreath with dried hydrangeas.

The first step of this would of course be to dry your hydrangeas. I picked mine at the very end of the season so they had already started to dry on the stems. If you are picking fresh hydrangeas the best way to dry them is to place them in a vase without water. This allows them to start drying immediately and retain their shape.

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Supplies Needed for a Dried Hydrangea Wreath

The amount of hydrangea stems you will need will depend on the diameter of your wreath ring. The ring I used was 14 inches. I would suggest cutting more stems than you think you will need. I would say if your wreath ring is the same size as mine to cut about two dozen stems.

A basket sitting on a table filled with purple and blue colored hydrangea stems

To start making the wreath you will want to wrap the wire around the ring and secure it in place. Then you will take your first stem, it doesn’t matter which one and lay it on the wreath ring and bring your wire over top the stem near the flower head.

A close up of a wire wreath ring with green floral wire wrapped around and secured

I wrap the wire around several times to secure it in place. And then when the wire is on the backside of the wreath you will add the next stem and then repeat the wrapping. I like to stagger the stems so that the wreath will look fuller.

A close up of several blue hydrangea stems laying on a wire ring with floral wire wrapped around the stems to secure it in place
A partially completed hydrangea wreath laying on a table

When you get to the end where you are meeting the first stem again it gets a little trickier. I like to cut the stem of the last ones I am wrapping on a little shorter and as gently as I can tuck them and wrap them into place.

A partially completed hydrangea wreath sitting on a table with a basket in the background

Once the wreath is done and before I cut the wire I will wrap it into a loop on the back for hanging before using wire cutters to the wire spool.

A close up of the back of a hydrangea wreath with a wire loop for hanging

This dried hydrangea wreath is a perfect decor piece for the summer season. I have mine saved and hung in my pantry so that it doesn’t get ruined and then I can bring it out for the next summer season.

A close up of a completed purple/blue dried hydrangea wreath

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