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Here we are on week 4 of the Deck the Home blog hop and this week’s theme is  “Gift.” I had so many ideas swirling around in my head that I had no idea at first which one to choose. And then I thought why not make it simple: DIY stone coasters.

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I recently became and independent maker with A Maker’s Studio (you can read all about it on this post) and I happened to be at Home Depot last week when I was walking down the tile aisle and saw this pack of Jeffrey Court Travertine Tiles that were the perfect coaster size.

This project is super easy, can be done in a day and makes a great gift for anyone. You can even personalize these for an added touch.

Supplies Needed for DIY Stone Coasters

Step 1:

Decide on the design you want to do on your coasters. These tiles come in packs of 9 (because they are floor tiles and 9 equals a square foot) but I wanted to gift these in sets of 4. I decided to use a winter and snow theme for my first set of coasters. 

Grey stencils on top of brown kraft paper with a white jar of chalk art

Step 2:

The mesh stencils come in one sheet, cut out the design you want to use along the white lines to make it easier to work with. Once you have your stencil cut out peel the paper backing off and place it on your tile where you want it to be. 

Step 3:

Take a spreader and load it up with some ChalkArt color of your choice and push it through the stencil. These stencils are very similar to silk-screening. 

A travertine tile with a snowflake stencil on top with a white chalkart open with the lid propped up

A note: The “Let It Snow” stencil I left as one piece and DID NOT cut the words apart as I wanted to reuse the stencil for other projects as one piece. I just did each word at at time. The ChalkArt usually is dry to the touch within 5-8 minutes and then the next word can be applied.

Step 4:

Once all the coasters are dry you will want to seal them. The one awesome part about ChalkArt is that it is water based and can be wiped off with water and have a new design reapplied. However in this case because I want these to be a gift I didn’t want the design to come off. I prefer to use a foam brush to apply the matte sealer, a foam roller would also work well too.

Four travertine tiles with snowflakes and "let it snow" on top in white with a bottle of matte sealer and a foam brush sitting behind them

Step 5:

The last step is to apply felt pads to the bottom of the tiles so that the coasters won’t scratch the surface they are set on. 

A travertine tile turned upside down to show small felt pads stuck to the bottom

Now wrap them up with some pretty ribbon and they are ready for gift giving! I also created a second set of coasters for gifting with the monogram stencils which is a great way to personalize the gift.

A stack of four travertine tiles with Let it Snow on the top one tied up with red ribbon with white polka dots

Are you interested in becoming a maker with A Maker’s Studio? Click here for all the information or message me for questions!

Sharing is caring!

22 Comments on DIY Stone Coasters: A Great Gift Idea

  1. So cute! I have used leftover tile/ countertop samples for coasters, but never have decorated them! Great idea!

  2. I love that you used the Chalkart to make coasters. I have been hearing great things about Chalkart but still haven’t tried it yet. It looks like lots of fun!

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