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Now that Spring is in the air, I find myself wanting to decorate inside and out for the season. So I wanted to make a DIY Spring wreath for my Spring decor display outside our front door. I love to decorate and reuse for every occasion and season. I have a huge supply of timeless wreaths that I bring out every year. I had this grapevine wreath from a couple years ago that I used to create a Summer wreath.

I wasn’t loving this Summer wreath anymore so I decided to dismantle this wreath and create a fun new fresh Spring one. And because I had attached the flowers with wire, I was able to just cut all the flowers off.

I love the look of grapevine wreaths and that they are versatile in any season and a great addition to a rustic, country or farmhouse look. And there is the added benefit if you attach the flower picks with wire you can then take them off and reuse the flowers and the wreath for different seasons. I keep a big container of fake flowers around so that I can use them for different crafts and different decor vignettes.

A close up of fake light green ferns laid against a grapeveine wreath on a whitewashed table

For this DIY Spring wreath I chose a couple of new greenery pieces of ferns and these billy balls (I had to look up what they were called!).

After cutting all the old flowers off I created the new look I wanted by arranging the flowers in my hand and holding it up against the wreath to see what look I liked best.

Pink peonies surrounded by greenery on each side being held up by a hand on a grapevine wreath laying on a whitewashed table

After deciding on the style of wreath I wanted I started at the beginning by wrapping floral wire around itself on one of the grapevines.

I started with the ferns on the bottom and then just wrapped the wire around the wreath and the stems of the ferns to secure them in place.

Once the ferns were in place I bent the wires of the other greenery that had sprigs of white flowers to tuck into the wreath and did the same wrapping that I did with the ferns around the entire wreath. Since I had three of these flower picks, I had two overlap the ferns and the third pointed down.

The billy balls came next and I just tucked them into the greenery and did wrap some wire to secure them although I don’t think it was necessarily needed.

Lastly was the peonies. These peonies came from my flower stash.

Besides being able to reuse the flowers and grapevine wreath it is nice to use the wire because it can be wrapped around on itself and also through the holes in the grapevine.

A close up of ferns, billy balls, other greenery and pink peonies on a grapevine wreath against a light blue house
A grapevine wreath with pink peonies, ferns and other greenery on the bottom of a grapevine wreath against a white door

And then I have this beautiful wreath outside on our covered porch, next to our front door as a great welcome to Spring.

A grapevine wreath with pink peonies and other greenery against an old white door with a blue background

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