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As part of our master bedroom refresh I wanted to include some simple decor on the walls since before this we had nothing on the walls and our room felt more like a bachelor pad. I had recently gone to a “junk hunt” in the area and found these beautiful vintage flower prints. At the time I had no idea what I was going to use them for but knew that they were just too pretty to pass up for $6 each. So when it came time to think of something to go above the headboard in our room I immediately thought about these prints. And this project worked out great as being part of one of the monthly blog hops I am in, our theme this month is a DIY project with wood and another material.

But because these are vintage prints I didn’t want to just pop them in any frame and I didn’t want to destroy the prints themselves in case I wanted to switch things around later. 

I decided to use a trick I had seen from Erin at Cotton Stem that she shared in her Instagram stories about using magnets. Now I didn’t catch her entire DIY tutorial so I went with the idea and made it my own.

I found some scrap wood trim in my parent’s barn that I thought would work great to make a floating type frame for the top and bottom of each print.

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Materials Needed to Make a Wooden DIY Poster Frame

Because the wood was scrap wood trim the pieces varied in color so in order to make the wood look uniform I stained all the trim. 

A vintage rose paper print laying on a dark stained wood table with two pieces of stained trim laying toward the bottom on top of the print itself

These small heavy-duty magnets came from Amazon and they were the perfect size to fit on the frame and not be seen. I measured in 1” from each side of the wood and placed a dot with a permanent marker so I would know where the magnet should be glued.

Two pieces of wood trim laying next to each other with a tape measure in the middle

Now I will tell you that I tried to glue all the magnets on with hot glue but it did not work so well so I resorted to clear Gorilla Glue. The problem with the hot glue was that the magnet pull was too strong and when the two magnets were together one would pull the other with the hot glue off the wood. 

A close up of two magnets stuck together on top of a piece of wood trim with a black permanent marker dot on top of the top magnet

The gorilla glue worked great and I have not had any issues with the magnets falling off the wood. Another tip when using the magnets is that there will be a right and a wrong way to place the magnets together. To help me identify this I would put a dot on the sides that needed to be glued down so that I wouldn’t have any mishaps with the magnets pushing away from each other.

Once all the magnets were glued on I placed the prints in the frames to see if anything needed to be adjusted before I attached the twine for hanging.

A close up of two magnets stuck together with a poster in the middle of the magnets for hanging

I had Justin hold the prints on the wall so that I could see how much twine I wanted and what placement I wanted them to have on the wall. I doubled up the jute twine to add more support but to also allow for a little more texture design wise. 

Initially, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to hang the pictures until I was in my office and found these over-sized push pins that worked great and I love the touch of copper/rose gold accent they give to the room.

A close up of a flower print being hung on a wall with wood trim at the top and bottom

I love this simple addition of floral decor to our master bedroom! This room is really coming together as we chip along at different projects, it truly makes the room our little oasis!

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  1. I love your pretty prints and the way your framed them! I have been thinking about making frames like this for a while and your tutorial looks easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

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