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Do you love to make your own gifts for loved ones? Handmade gifts are one of the best gifts to receive in my opinion. I recently re-discovered polymer clay after having experimented with it previously when I was a kid. That is when I decided to create some polymer clay pots for mini succulent houseplants. These pots will make great DIY Mother’s Day or birthday gifts. And these are a fun project for kids to do.

Supplies Needed for DIY Polymer Clay Pots

When you purchase polymer clay it comes in a large brick or smaller bricks. In order to make these clay pots I purchased several large bricks in the white and terracotta colors.

Polymer clay is pliable and workable and only hardens when baked in an oven to set the design that you have created.

A close up of a white polymer clay brick sitting on a table

I like to cut off a chunk of the clay and then roll it out with a rolling pin into a 1/4″ flat disc. I then used a glass bottle and a bowl to shape the clay.

A close up view of a chunk of white clay that has been molded by a hand with fingerprints all over the clay
A white chunk of clay wrapped around a glass with an "m" stamped on it

I also wanted to add some texture to the clay pots I was making so I used my mini letter stamps to stamp “mom” into one and I added a flower design on the second one. And because I wanted these to become planters I placed a hole in the bottom of the pot with a straw.

A close up of a white clay pot on a glass with "mom" stamped on the side
An above view of a the inside of an un-baked clay pot with a hole in the bottom
A close up of round terracotta balls with a white ball in the center creating a daisy design
A side view of a white clay pot with a terracotta daisy flower attached on the side

The next step is to bake the clay so that it hardens. I follow the directions on the package as each brand and type of polymer clay has their own set of instructions. I like to use the Sculpey brand of polymer clay.

Two clay white bowls sitting in a white baking dish for baking

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