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Well, here we are in week 4 of the At Home DIY deck the home blog hop challenge and this week’s theme: outdoor decor. And each year I do some sort of decor on the porch and we put lights up on the house. But each year I want to add more and more lights to the outside because I get all caught up in the Christmas light displays! So this year Justin helped me create an easy DIY outdoor Christmas tree lights display.

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Materials Needed for DIY Outdoor Christmas tree light display

This project could not be easier to make and would work even if you don’t have a big yard to display them as the size can easily be adjusted. I found scrap trim wood in my parents’ barn but you could definitely buy brand new wood trim that is inexpensive for this project.

A picture of a concrete shop floor with scrap wood trim laying out with a tape measure

Because I was using scrap wood they were different sizes and shapes but we just used them the best we could and started by laying them on the shop floor in the shape of a triangle. I am very much a visual person so laying it down to figure out the size was good.

Wood trim in the shape of a triangle laying on a concrete floor

We decided to make the first one taller and skinnier at about 7 feet. We made a basic triangle and then added support in the middle. The middle support also made it easier to add the stake that would go into the ground.

A wood trim triangle laying on a concrete floor with a piece of wood in the middle as a brace

Justin pre-drilled the holes before drilling in the screws so that the wood would not split. Although we did get one that split slightly we still used it. If you don’t have a drill you could definitely just use a hammer and nails to attach the frame together.

A close up of two trim pieces joined together with a screw laying on a concrete floor

In order for the frame to stay upright and so that it would not fall over in the wind Justin attached another piece of trim that he cut a “V” shape in the bottom so that it could be pounded into the ground.

Once the frame was made it was time to attach the lights. We used a staple gun to attach the lights to the frame and then did a zig-zag pattern. The second frame we made was shorter and wider and the light strand I chose for that one was a lot longer. So in order to use up the entire strand, we did an up and down pattern starting at the top so that it could connect to the first frame.

A triangle wood frame with Christmas lights attached stuck into a flower bed
Two Christmas tree triangle frames stuck in the gound with Christmas lights attached and on

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    • Our house is to the left and we wind lights on our covered porch that is plugged into our garage so these are running off that

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