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Summer is here and that means lazy days, swimming, and grilling. You can’t forget about the food right! And what better way to be prepared for a busy grilling season than to have all your grill tools organized in one spot.

There is a story that goes along with this DIY too, you see every time Justin grills he never remembers where we keep the grilling tools. And that means that he usually grabs anything he can find in the kitchen from plastic turners to salad tongs. So to keep the rest of my kitchen utensils safe from melting on the grill I decided to make him a dedicated spot for the tools to hang. We are fortunate that we have a covered porch where they will be out of the elements if it happens to rain. (And well this is Oregon and the potential for rain in the summer is definitely there!)

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Supplies Needed to Make an Organizer for your Grilling Tools

I found a scrap piece of wood in my wood pile that was sturdy enough and would work perfectly. I cut it to the size I wanted which was 6.5″ x 16″. This board had previously been sanded for another project and then not used so it was ready for stain.

I chose a light stain (Ipswich Pine by Minwax) and applied this with my t-shirt rags. I love old t-shirts for rags (you can also buy old t-shirt rags) instead of brushes. I hate cleaning brushes that have been used on stain as I just can never seem to get them completely clean. Another reason I like the t-shirt rags is that I feel that I have better control over the amount of stain that gets applied.

An above view of a stained board

Instead of adding a top coat of polyurethane I decided to keep it more rustic looking with just the one coat of stain.

Cricut Machine

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the words “Grill It” to add some fun to the display. Now you definitely don’t need an electronic cutting machine to add words to the display. You could use transfer paper to transfer the font onto it and then paint the words in or you could trace and then free-hand cut out the vinyl to affix to the board.

Completing the Sign

I used a drill to pre-drill holes into my board at evenly spaced spots for all three of our grill tools. If you have more than three grill tools make sure to space them evenly so they all fit. My board was actually made of pine so I am glad I pre-drilled the holes because it was very tough wood to screw the cup hooks into.

An above view of a piece of wood with 3 cup hooks laid out evenly along a tape measure that has been pulled out

Now I would defintely recommend putting your words on first and then place the hooks on, as you can see in my pictures I didn’t do this. So this is one of those times where I would say “do as I say, not as I do.”

A person's hand screwing a cup hook into an already pre-drilled hole in a piece of wood

I just happened to have cup hooks in our utility drawer that worked perfectly. Our grill tools didn’t have hanging loops on them so I added this with some jute twine.

An above picture of BBQ tongs, flipper and fork with a roll of jute twine on a wood side table

And now hopefully (cross my fingers!) Justin won’t have to use any of my nice kitchen spatulas or salad tongs when grilling because the tools will be there at the ready!

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