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Today is our last week of the At Home DIY Blog Hop with new projects! Coming next week we will be giving you a round-up post of our favorite projects. But back to this week’s theme: ornament! Surprisingly this was the project I had planned for first, I wanted to make different jingle bell ornaments and ordered all my supplies about a month ago. These ornaments could not be simpler to DIY and are a great project for kids to help with!

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Materials Needed for DIY Jingle Bell Ornaments

When I chose the jingle bells I chose two different sizes, large bells and tiny bells. I chose two different colors of wire but the wire was thicker and therefore the smaller bells wouldn’t fit on the thicker wire.

Before deciding on the shapes too I strung all the bells on the wire to see how they went together. I found the bigger the bells the more simple the shape will need to be.

Red, gold and green small jingle bells threaded on a thin silver wire

After playing with several shapes for the smaller bells I decided on a tree shape because this wire was thinner and definitely weaker. I originally wanted to do a star but this wire wasn’t going to keep that shape.

A silver wire paddle with red, green and gold small jingle bells threaded on it
JIngle bells on wire shaped like a triangle with two wire ends wrapped together

To tie off the wire on the tree ornament I kept the wire long on each end and tied it into a loop on the top to create the hook by wrapping the wire on itself. And to finish off the look of the ornament I added a yellow bow in place of a star.

A triangle jingle bell ornament with a yellow bow on top
A triangle red, green, gold jingle bell ornament hanging on a tree with a yellow bow on top

When it came time for the bigger jingle bell ornament the first thing that popped into my head after threading them on the wire was a wreath. I really like the non-traditional Christmas colors and a pastel jingle bell wreath seemed like the perfect touch.

Large pastel jingle bells on a light blue wire in the shape of a circle

To finish off this wreath I wrapped the wire around itself and hid it with a ribbon as the hanger.

Pastel large jingle bells in the shape of a wreath with a light blue ribbon as the hanger

This jingle bell ornament project is super simple, easy and in an afternoon you could create several different types of ornaments! Grab your friends, kids and other loved ones and have a fun Christmas crafting afternoon.

Two jingle bell ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree

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