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It seems that the first couple months of each year are dedicated to the organization of your home. The resolutions are made, lots of us like to start each year with fresh slates and then Spring cleaning comes along. Although I feel that most of us are year-round organizers because of the seasons of change going on constantly in our lives. Toddlers become preschoolers who become elementary school kids whose interests change. And their toys need constant organization. And then there are those of us who move into new homes which I think can take a solid couple years to live in order to find out what works and what doesn’t function wise. Which brings me to today’s post! I was inspired to make a DIY jewelry wall organizer for a couple of reasons:

  1. Our master bedroom is small and we don’t have a master bath or walk-in closet for extra storage
  2. I have a jewelry box already on top of my dresser but I have a large number of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that I change up and wear daily and they keep getting tangled
  3. I had planned to make a gallery wall of some sort in our Master Bedroom refresh and this was the perfect way to add another piece of organization that didn’t need to sit on top of something or take up precious floor space.

Another huge reason is that I am participating in another monthly blog hop with another awesome group of DIY lady bloggers! Our DIY Project Challenge #1 is organization this month! Check out the bottom of this post for all the awesome projects from these ladies!

Originally I had been thinking I wanted to make something entirely from scratch but then when cleaning my daughter’s closet of all her dress-up clothes (see! new season of life!) I found an unopened wall organizer that she had been given years ago that we had just stored away and never used. She really had no interest in it so I decided to give it a paint job to make it look a little less “young girl” and a little more sophisticated.

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Supplies Needed to Make a DIY Jewelry Wall Organizer

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Wall Organizer

To start you will want to paint your pegboard if it is a color that you don’t like. Because my pegboard had a glossy surface I ended applying three coats of the Rescue Restore Paint in the color “Little Black Dress”.

A pink frame with a pink and white pegboard laying on a brown table
A pink frame with a black painted pegboard laying flat on a brown table

I then painted the frame also with Rescue Restore Paint but this time using the color “Blessed”. Make sure to apply painters tape (my favorite is FrogTape)  if you are using a different color so that you don’t get any on your previously painted pegboard. (You could also paint the frame first and then the pegboard surface, but again use tape on your already painted edge.)

A close up of a white painted frame and a black painted pegboard with green Frogtape on the black surface to keep the white paint seperate when painting

Because I wanted a more sophisticated look for my organizer I decided to use my french script mesh stencil to apply a design to the surface using ChalkArt. (If you aren’t familiar with mesh stencils or ChalkArt from A Maker’s Studio click on over to this post to read more about it.)

A french script mesh stencil laying on a black painted pegboard

How to Use Mesh Stencils and ChalkArt

The mesh stencils are super easy to use and the best part is that they are reusable! Just rinse with water and let air dry and the stencil can be used again and again for multiple projects! (My favorite part!)

A copper ChalkArt tub sitting on a black painted pegboard with a french script mesh stencil on top

Stick the stencil down where you desire and then scoop up a small amount of the ChalkArt in the color of your choice (each color is 2 oz. and will last for hundreds of projects!)

A close up of a black chalk painted pegboard with copper French scripting on top

Because this pegboard is bigger than the length and width of the French Script mesh stencil I had to apply the copper ChalkArt in multiple steps so that it would all fit together. Make sure to wash the stencil between each application otherwise the ChalkArt will dry in the mesh and not work correctly for your next application (I found this out the hard way in the past). Also, make sure to let the ChalkArt dry on the surface of your pegboard before doing the next section so that you don’t smear the first part. It usually takes about 7-10 minutes to dry completely.

A black painted pegboard with copper french scripting on the black background with a grey mesh stencil laying on part of the pegboard
A close up picture of a mesh stencil on a black painted pegboard with copper ChalkArt that has been applied to surface

Another plus about ChalkArt is that it is completely washable. What that means is that if you don’t seal it on your project then it would wash off with water if you wanted to change your design. I decided not to seal my project just in case I decide I wanted to change the French Script writing at a later time.

And lastly the fun part! Hanging my jewelry and the rest of the gallery wall.

A black chalk painted pegboard close up with copper French scripting with bracelets, earrings and necklaces hanging from the pegs
A gallery wall with a wooden heart, a sign that says "always kiss me goodnight" and a rectangular jewelry wall organizer with jewelry hanging from the pegs

Now check out all these great organizations projects that would be great to accomplish any time of year:

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16 Comments on DIY Jewelry Wall Organizer

  1. What a great project! I have been meaning to make a jewelry organizer for so long and yours is so pretty I think it may be the push I needed!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. This is beautiful! I needed some jewelry organizing ideas!
    Thanks for being part of this challenge! It was great collaborating with you talented ladies!!

  3. I can’t believe that was a painted stencil – I could have sworn it was wallpaper or contact paper! Love this project – nice work!

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