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Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to decorate your home, than with a DIY hello Fall sign. I’ve never really hung signs up for Fall but this year I decided one was needed in the dining room. I’ve had an old framed piece of a quilt that I got from a vintage store in our dining room, but I knew I wanted something that said Fall.

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Supplies Needed for a DIY Hello Fall Sign

I wanted to make this sign as budget friendly as possible so I went out to our shop and dug around in our scrap wood area and found this piece of thin paneling that had been taken off the wall when we remodeled the kids rooms. It was a big piece so Justin cut it down for me with the table saw. If you don’t have anything like this you can buy this kind of wood to at Home Depot, it is called a “Project Wood Panel

I had debated painting the background white or black but I ended up choosing black, and I just wanted the wording to be simple to say “Hello Fall.”

This is where having a cutting machine comes in handy, I used my Cricut to create stencils for the wording in Cricut Design Space (which I have a whole tutorial for on one of my previous posts).

A close up of "Fall" wording with transfer paper on top on a black background
An above view of a black painted sign with two word cut-outs on the upper left and lower right corners

Before painting the lettering on I used a known trick of using Mod Podge first to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed out the sides. The mod podge dries clear so it won’t be noticed under the paint.

A close up of a bottle of Mod Podge sitting on a black background
A close up of a "Fall" wording stencil with Mod Podge applied over top

Although I did use the Mod Podge you will see that I did get a little bit of bleeding through of the paint and I think it’s because I just didn’t press the stencil down good enough in certain spots. To fix this I scraped off any built up excess and then just touched up the black paint.

A close up of the word "hello" with white paint applied
A close up of "Fall" painted wording in white with a little bit of paint that bled through

For the last design element I decided to freehand some pumpkins in the center. I don’t really have a tutorial for this I just kind of wanted a random display of several pumpkins with some vines to indicate fall. I did however do a time-lapse that I posted to Instagram, so you can click on over to see that.

A close up of three pumpkins in orange tones with a peak of hello in the upper left corner
A paint tray with oranges and whites mixed in the center

Once the design was done I applied a final coat of matte sealer. After that I wanted to apply a frame to finish it off. So I went back to the scrap pile and found some old trim scrap pieces that I applied to the back with wood glue and clamped them down to dry. I did place a piece of paper towel on the painted side so that the clamps didn’t mark up the painted surface. These trim pieces will provide some extra support for the sign.

A close up of the back of a sign with a piece of wood trim with wood glue on top
A close up of wood trim on the back of a DIY Fall Sign
A close up of a clamp on wood trim with a piece of paper towel on the painted side to prevent markings

I then cut four additional trim pieces to create the outside frame. I wanted these to be a darker wood tone so I stained these before attaching with a brad nail gun.

A close up of small trim pieces used to create the "frame" for the sign

And now to hang on the wall, along with some sunflowers from the garden on the table and this room is ready for Fall!

A view of a black hello fall sign hung on a wall in a dining room with sunflowers sitting on a white runner on the table
A black sign with the white wording stating "hello Fall" with orange pumpkins painted in the center and copper molds hung on each side of the sign on the wall

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