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I’m usually somebody who doesn’t necessarily decorate for Halloween. But I’ve started making exceptions. You can see my skeleton scrap wood sculpture that I made last year. I decided to do another DIY Halloween decor for the outside using old fan blades from a ceiling fan we removed from our living room and made these upcycled ghosts.

This project is definitely budget-friendly and easy to complete. And this is a project that could be done in summer, late summer, or early fall for Halloween.

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Supplies Needed for Upcycled Ghosts

The ghosts are set in concrete so that they can sit and not be disturbed by the elements of wind or rain. Although they will take up some space when stored. If you don’t have old fan blades you could use any other piece of scrap wood and round the top of it.

A white fan blade in concrete with a cute ghost face

The first step will be to set the fan blades in concrete. My tip for doing this is to spray the bucket or container you are using with a cooking spray so that the concrete will release when set.

A bucket of concrete mixed up on a sidewalk
An old fan blade sunk in concrete in a metal bucket

Justin helped me mix up the concrete and we put the fan blades in and left them overnight.

I then taped off the base so that I could spray paint the ghosts.

Fan blades in concrete covered with newspaper painted white
A close up of a fan blade painted white

Once the spray paint had dried I looked up “ghost face” in A piece of black vinyl with ghost faces cut out and a Cricut weeding tool on top

If you don’t have a cutting machine you can just paint the faces on instead. And there’s really no right or wrong way here.

A front porch with corn stalks and fan blade ghosts in concrete
A white painted fan blade in concrete sitting against a white porch, ghost is a girl face

I just think they’re super cute. They’re super decorative for Halloween and will look great displayed with pumpkins and the mums and the kids love them.

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