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What if I told you that you could make an easy DIY fall wreath yourself for around $6! Would you believe me??!? If not well do I have something to show you. I picked up all these supplies from my local Dollar Tree and the only tools you need are wire cutters, scissors, and a hot glue gun. So let’s get started and I can show you how easy and simple this DIY project is!

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Supplies Needed to Create a $6 DIY Fall Wreath

A spool of ribbon sitting inside a foam wreath with faux flowers bunched up in the background

Step 1:

Apply a small strip of hot glue to the spot you want your ribbon to start on the wreath ring and press down and let cool. Then begin wrapping the entire ring in the ribbon. Once you reach the end of your ribbon or on the ring itself cut the ribbon and apply another strip of glue to the end to keep this in place.

Fall plaid ribbon wrapped around a foam ring, a close up of fingers pushing down the ribbon end onto the ring

Step 2:

Depending on the faux flowers you picked you will need to cut them shorter.  I started with the long grass type faux floral and glued them on over the spot where my ribbon ended so that it didn’t show. In my opinion, you can never use too much hot glue and I like to hot glue over the stems as well to keep them in place. And if the glue runs down the side just let it dry and then it should peel off easily.

A plaid ribbon covered foam wreath ring with faux flower stems hot glued on

Next, I used what I call the berry bunch floral and cut them pretty short but still with somewhat of a stem. As you can see it doesn’t look so pretty at the moment and that I used lots o’ glue!

A ribbon covered foam ring with faux orange berry flowers hot glued over top

Lastly came the white bushy flowers. I like to use these last since they will cover up the glue and stems from the previous flowers. I cut these all the way back to the flower so that there was no stem and just the bud.

A fall wreath with faux flowers sitting on butcher block paper


I ended up making 2 wreaths and kept one for myself and one for my sister, the one pictured below is the one I made for myself using different colored flowers.

An orange, brown and gold ribbon wrapped styrofoam wreath ring with pink and mauve flowers on the bottom and green and yellow grasses sticking out from each side of the flowers


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