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If you are an avid crafter like me then you probably have a stash of fabric scraps for that one craft project that you might need them for in the future (craft supply hoarders unite!) Well I decided to put my fabric stash to use at one of my monthly craft nights that I host at my home for friends. We all made a simple fabric scrap 4th of July wreath. This project is easy and affordable and can be done in an afternoon and is a great piece of decor to show your patriotic spirit.

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Supplies Needed for Fabric Scrap 4th of July Wreath

The first step will be to cut the fabric scraps in strips roughly 10″ x 2″, I would suggest not cutting them shorter than 10″ as this makes it difficult to tie around the wreath ring with two knots. I say to cut roughly since no one will be able to tell if one is a little shorter than the next.

A close up of blue and red fabric scraps sitting on a wood table

Once all the pieces were cut (I would suggest about 30 total, the color numbers will depend on the pattern you choose), start tying the scraps onto the wreath ring. I tied them each on using a double knot so that they would not become untied.

A pile of blue and red fabric scraps sitting on a table
A pile of white fabric scraps

The pattern I chose was two strips of red, two strips of white and two strips of blue and then repeated. At the craft night I hosted several others chose varying patterns and some chose no pattern at all. I love how unique they all looked.

A close up of several fabric scraps tied on a wreath ring
A close up of several small American flags in a jar

Once the wreath was complete I used a small American flag to stick through the wreath’s wire ring and attached it with some floral wire.

A red, white and blue fabric wreath hanging on a white door against a blue wall with an American flag stuck in the lower right corner of the wreath

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