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America’s birthday is right around the corner and what better way to show our love for this wonderful country than to make a fun and unique DIY 4th of July decor. I am a proud American and I wanted to create a shabby chic flag to show my love.

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Supplies Needed for DIY 4th of July Decor

For this project I used the frame of a canvas art frame that the canvas had been damaged on. I removed the canvas and just used the frame, however you could do this project with any thrift store frame.

An empty white frame sitting on a black table

The first step will be to cut the ribbon and lace to the length of the frame. For the blue corner of the flag these will need to be cut shorter than the rest and the stripes that will join them.

Next will be to start gluing the ribbon and lace to create the flag. Start at the top of the flag and work your way down to the bottom. A dot of glue from the glue gun should be enough to hold the ribbon and lace. Just be careful not to burn your fingers!

An above view of a frame with ribbons laid out to look like a flag
A close up of blue and white ribbons glued together
A back view of ribbons that have been glued together to create a flag on an old picture frame

When it comes to making the blue/stars area I just glued the two pieces together slightly to create a little fold and they created one long stripe and the glued them to the frame.

A close up view of white buttons glued onto blue ribbons

Once this is all done you will have a beautiful boho inspired flag to display for America’s birthday!

A frame that has been used with red, white and blue ribbons to create a flag inside the frame with white buttons added as stars

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