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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it was time I created a Valentine themed t-shirt with my Cricut machine. I use my Cricut machine mostly for my Etsy business but I have to remember every now and again that it is fun to create for myself. Cricut iron on is such a fun medium to use and there are so many options. So instead of buying a themed Valentine shirt this year create your own with this Cricut Valentine idea.

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Supplies Needed for Cricut Valentine Idea: T-Shirt Iron On

The first step will be to decide on the design you want to use for your t-shirt. I chose a design that I found in Cricut Design Space. Don’t make it too complicated on yourself when picking a design.

An above view of a black t-shirt sitting on a wood table

I chose a simple “Love” heart design and decided on a metallic iron-on material. Remember when using iron-on to “mirror” the image BEFORE cutting and to place the colored side down on your cutting mat.

Once cut I weeded out all the excess material and used my Easy Press to apply the material. If you don’t have an Easy Press and a mat you can always use a household iron and an ironing board.

A close up of a red scroll heart not yet ironed on a t-shirt

Before attaching your design make sure to place a towel or rag between the t-shirt front and back and to use a lint roller or piece of tape to remove any dust and hair that may have accumulated on the shirt.

An above view of a v-neck t-shirt with a ironing pad between the layers

Apply the heat for the recommended amount of time depending on your material and what heat press you are using. This Cricut Heat Guide is very helpful.

Once it cools you can remove the plastic film and then you will want to turn the shirt inside out and press the design from the back as well to seal it.

A close up of a black v-neck shirt with a scroll love heart on the front
A woman with blond hair in a bun sitting on a brown leather sofa with a black t-shirt and a scroll heart that says love in red

And now I’m ready for Valentine’s Day with a themed shirt. This Cricut Valentine idea would also work for any other holiday including St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July or Halloween.

Sharing is caring!

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