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My daughter loves to use her imagination when playing which I just love! And we had this old mailbox that we had taken out when we first moved and replaced with a locking mailbox. This old mailbox has been sitting around for four years now, so I decided to transform the entire thing for a a creative mailbox idea for our kids play structure.

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Materials Needed for a Creative Mailbox Idea

First step was to spray paint the whole thing, I chose a lovely sage green color that covered up some of the rust spots and would blend nicely with nature.

A close up of an old mailbox painted with a sage colored spray paint
A close up of an old mailbox with the flag up that is painted a sage green color

I then used my Cricut machine and outdoor vinyl to create a fun address (I combined the kids’ ages and the year we moved here) and then I had the kids choose a symbol they wanted to represent them on the mailbox. My son chose a baseball and my daughter chose a fox.

A close up of an old mailbox painted sage green with writing on the side done in colored vinyl
A close up of vinyl writing on a sage green mailbox

In addition to painting the mailbox I wanted to make it even more fun and create some “mail” to go in it. I searched through our scrap wood pile and found several small pieces (I needed to cut a couple) and gave them all a good sanding.

A close up of four scrap wood pieces with the backs showing black mastic still stuck on
A close up of four scrap wood pieces with outdoor vinyl to look like envelopes

I debated whether to paint the wood pieces first before applying vinyl but in the end after painting a couple I found that I did not like the spray painted look and decided to go natural.

A close up of scrap wood pieces cut and with vinyl on them to look like pieces of mail

And then I used my Cricut and outdoor vinyl to cut several stamps and names to put on the wood to look like “envelopes” for them to be able to play outside. If you don’t recognize the two names on the wood that is because each of my kids chose their favorite Pokemon character. My daughter loves it. She can’t wait to go play outside and pretend that there’s mail in the mailbox. And it’s a good way to upcycle an old mailbox.

A close up of an open mailbox with wood mail for kids sticking out of the box
A view of a mailbox attached to a post on a play structure
A close up of an open mailbox with wood mail sticking out

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