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Where are all my Christmas movie watchers/lovers at?!? For me, it is one of the best parts of Christmas. Although I do watch Christmas movies all year long here and there it’s all I watch in November and December. And with a certain channel’s dedication (cough, cough, Hallmark) to all things Christmas movies I wanted to round up some great items to show everyone your Christmas movie love! Or to give as gifts to the Christmas movie lover in your life!

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Blanket from Ansleigh Grace Designs

What better way to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies than to have a dedicated blanket that is super cozy!

Sweatshirt from Born Fabulous Kids

A perfect sweatshirt in multiple colors to show others your Christmas spirit

Bingo Box from Artful Pixels

This looks so fun! A box full of bingo cards to play with your family members as you watch your favorite Christmas movies.

Mug from Treat Box Ltd

I love to start my mornings with a coffee and once Christmas comes around I turn on a Christmas movie first thing in the morning.

T-Shirt from Fiercely You Clothing

Another great piece of clothing to wear under your sweatshirt.

Socks from Dosilasol

Ok these are my favorite! I tend to stick my feet out of my blanket at times when watching TV so these are perfect to show your just exactly what you are doing.

Movie Night Invitation from Grace Easy Print

Ok, these aren’t technically a thing to wear or use but I think this would be a great way to invite your family members to watch Christmas movies with you at home!

Wine Glass from KCs Creation Station

No explanation needed here!

Drinking Glass from T Beau Designs

The perfect drinking glass for cookies and milk while watching Santa eat cookies and milk in all the Christmas movies!

Pot Holders from Vinyl Custom Creating

And then what better way to cook your Christmas cookies than with these potholders that you can then enjoy your movie watching!

What is your favorite item on the list? On my wish list are the sweatshirt, mug, and socks! Oh and maybe the blanket! Haha! Or maybe one of each item! What better way to show everyone your Christmas movie love!

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