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Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich-Easy Lunch Recipe

I wasn’t sure if I would call this a recipe when I first started writing this but then I realized when people asked what was in it I should write it down to share. And well that’s how a recipe is born. I created this hard boiled egg sandwich as an easy lunch for myself […] Read more…

Chocolate Chip Browned Butter Cookies

A close up of a pile of chocolate chip cookies on a white plate

There is nothing better than a fresh out of the oven (slightly cooled though) warm chocolate chip cookie that is chewy, gooey and delicious. I’m glad you also agree with this! And you are in luck as I have started experimenting with making a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve always noticed that any type […] Read more…

How to Make Fruit Leather

A close up of a pink/reddish mixture on a dehydrator sheet

Homemade fruit leather brings me back to summers as a kid when my mom would make fruit leather for us and we would devour it as fast as she made it. I like to do this in the summer when we have extra fruit available from our orchard or from whatever is in season: strawberries, […] Read more…

Ice Cream Float with Sparkling Water

A glass cup sitting on a woven placement with a red drink with pink foam on top and sprinkles with glittered hearts surrounding the cup

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to get into the spirit of the holiday by creating an ice cream float with sparkling water. This is a fun holiday treat that as less sugar than if you use regular soda. I came up with this recipe because my kids don’t drink […] Read more…

DIY Garlic Bread Seasoning-Great for Gift Giving

I love making DIY gifts for many different occasions: housewarming gifts, extended family gifts, holiday gifts, etc. And I am always a huge fan of DIY gifts that keep on giving! So I created a garlic bread seasoning that you add to your favorite butter or margarine, to spread on your favorite bread or rolls. […] Read more…

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