1905 Farmhouse


Printable Jam Labels

Making jam is one of the first things I learned when I started canning and preserving. I remember many late nights of my mom staying up late because she had a water canner going in the kitchen. There were also times when there was a juicer on the counter because she was making jelly and […] Read more…

Apple Pressing Using a Vintage Apple Press

A close up of gallon clear jars with apple juice with canning rings on the top

When the Fall season comes around lots of people think about picking apples, making apple pie and that crisp taste of fresh squeezed apple juice. For the last couple of years my brother has been gathering our family to come together to make apple juice. The entire operation centers around a vintage apple press that […] Read more…

Canning for Beginners

An above view of three canning supplies, on the left is a red jar grabber, up top is a funnel and on the lower right is a lid magnet

Ever since I was a little kid I remember nights during the summer when my parents were busily picking fruits and vegetables from our garden and then preserving them by canning or freezing. As I grew up and now have a family of my own I have come to appreciate all that I learned as […] Read more…

How to Make Fruit Leather

A close up of a pink/reddish mixture on a dehydrator sheet

Homemade fruit leather brings me back to summers as a kid when my mom would make fruit leather for us and we would devour it as fast as she made it. I like to do this in the summer when we have extra fruit available from our orchard or from whatever is in season: strawberries, […] Read more…

How to Freeze Berries to Use out of Season

A tray of fresh berries sitting on a wood tabletop

Summer berry harvest is upon us. And what better way to save summer berries, than to flash freeze them and store them away for use in the winter in smoothies, pies, desserts, and even jam. With life being so busy it is nice to know that just because the fruit is ripe now doesn’t mean […] Read more…

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