Homemade Vanilla is very easy and makes a great holiday gift for the baker on your list

It’s 2 weeks before Christmas (ok not really but let’s imagine) and you drew your Aunt Rhonda’s name for the gift exchange. You have no idea what to get her, and you are tired of just picking some random gifts from the store that you think she may enjoy. You realize that you are at a point in your life where you want gifts to be meaningful and not just giving the gift for the sake of giving. You then… Read more »

Fall signs made from scraps of wood with a little paint and fabric

Fall is fast approaching! Although our current weather here in NW Oregon is in the 100s so it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet. Also my son started his first day of Kindergarten today! Eeek! On one hand I will miss his snuggles in the mornings on my days off and on the other I know I will find time to enjoy some Mommy and me time with my daughter and some mommy alone time. But let’s get back to… Read more »