1905 Farmhouse


Brick Edging Ideas for a Small Front Yard

A side view of a brick lined lawn that has not yet been planted with bushes on the top

This last Fall we tilled up our grass front yard area because they area was full of weeds and the grass needed to be refreshed. Unfortunately we didn’t get time before the weather turned to re-plant the grass and complete a border around the lawn. Now that it is summer we decided to finally tackle […] Read more…

Cut Hydrangea Care Experiment

Over the years I have heard several varying methods to keeping cut hydrangeas fresh in a vase longer. And if you are anything like me then this information has overwhelmed you with not knowing which method works the best. So I decided to put this to the test. I did a cut hydrangea care experiment […] Read more…

Indoor Plant Tips for Care and Growth

A green plant in a blue and green pot sitting on a shelf

Indoor plants can cause a love/hate relationship with their growers. Some plants can be very finicky and some can take some lack of care every now and again and they will still bounce back. I wrote a Houseplant Guide for Beginners and wanted to add to that with these indoor plant tips. These tips will […] Read more…

5 Great Flower Gardening Books

A stack of five colorful floral books pictured close up

I love, love, love, love flowers! All flowers, big, small, wild or not. Once my husband and I moved into our new home after getting married I started filling the yard with bulbs, perennials and lots of annuals each Spring. And once we moved here to the farmhouse I started doing the same thing. But […] Read more…

House Plant Guide for Beginners

A close up of a white pot with a green aloe vera plant sitting on a shelf

Indoor plants and house plants are all the rage right now. And to be honest I love it! I’ve always been someone that had a house plant of some sort in the house. And it all started with my Grandma giving me a cutting of one of her plants. I’ve highlighted my house plant guide […] Read more…

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