Tulips bulbs should be planted in Fall in order to have a beautiful showing in Spring

Fall just arrived but I want to tell you that now is the time to prepare for Spring. Now you may be saying but “Amy, Spring, and Summer just got over, I want the cold weather, the hoodies and bonfires.” And you are not wrong! But now is the time to plant your Spring bulbs in order to have pretty flowers come March and April. (This post contains affiliate links, click here to read my full disclosure policy.) You may… Read more »

DIY tomato cages that are sturdy and hold up to tomato growth

Tomatoes. You either love them or you hate them it seems. I am on the loving end, maybe a little too much for some people. Tomato sandwiches anyone?? The hubby falls somewhere in the middle, not a huge fan of a tomato by itself but add it to a salad or make it into salsa and he sold. If you happen to compare yourself with either one of us then you know that nothing compares to a ripe tomato right… Read more »