1905 Farmhouse


5 Christmas Porch Ideas

A small brown bench hold fresh evergren boughs, firewood is piled below with a white sign that says let it snow

The Christmas decorating season is upon us! The tree, the fireplace and even the kitchen gets those special holiday touches but don’t forget about the front porch! No matter how big or how small the porch is adding just a touch of holiday color or accents will make a difference. If you have been following […] Read more…

5 Fun Family Friendly Games to Play

A collage of 5 different board and card games for families to play

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid board games were my jam. My Grandma had a huge closet filled with all sorts of games and my cousins and I would always pick out multiple ones to play when we were there. And now that my kids are getting older they are […] Read more…

Best Gift Ideas for Bakers

I have fond memories of my time in 4-H Cooking Class when I was in the fourth grade. If you aren’t familiar 4-H was created around the country to engage youth in different home activities so that they can become productive and self-directed adults. My mom was our group leader and we would come together […] Read more…