1905 Farmhouse

Wood Building

DIY Garden/Yard Arch

A redwood garden arch pictured from the side with a rhodedendron on the right and a lilac tree on the left with a driveway on the left

I’ve always wanted a garden arch in this entrance space that leads from our driveway into our lawn. When we have a backyard party or family barbecue, especially in the summer, everyone comes through this part of the yard. And this opening just felt like it needed something more. So we decided to do a […] Read more…

How to Cut Plywood with a Circular Saw

A circular saw attached to a Kreg Rip-Cut Jig with a man holding the jig against a sheet of plywood

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kreg Tool. All opinions and thoughts below are my own. Please see my disclosure and privacy policy for more details Plywood can sometimes get a bad rap. But did you know that plywood comes in varying qualities? When I use to think of plywood I thought of the lower […] Read more…

Full-Length Mirror DIY Frame

A full length mirror framed in wood hanging on a wall in a bedroom next to a door leading to a bathroom

Well, this is embarrassing to admit, but have you ever one of those people that didn’t have a full-length mirror so you would stand on the toilet in your bathroom so that you could see what your outfit of the day looks like?!? Anyone? No, me neither. 😉 I’ve always wanted a full-length mirror at […] Read more…

DIY Cornhole Game for Dad

An above view of a striped painted cornhole board on a concrete driveway

The husband has always been hard to shop for any holiday or event. Does anyone else have this problem with the men in their life? Well I finally realized he loves to play games of every kind (he is very competitive!) and corn hole is no exception, however, to buy a corn hole game set […] Read more…

How to DIY a Blanket Ladder

A finished blanket ladder leaning against a wall with three different quilts hanging from the rungs with a blue hutch in the background

When it came time for this month’s At Home DIY Project Challenge I initially had no idea what type of project I wanted to create. The theme this month is “build it cheaper than you can buy it” and I wanted to make something I could immediately put to use in our house. That’s when […] Read more…