1905 Farmhouse


Hand Embroidery for Beginners

A close up view of fishbone embroidery stitches

As long as I can remember my maternal grandmother, Juanita was always sewing, knitting and creating something. I have several items that she made that I will be handing down to my kids someday. Part of me feels very connected to her as I enjoy creating and making all the things as well. During the […] Read more…

Easy DIY Curtains For Any Room

White linen curtains closed with a pink and purple ruffle at the bottom and held on a rod with drapery rings with clips

Is anyone else overwhelmed by the number of curtains out there to choose from?  Choices of patterns, textures, colors, and fabrics, and then the cost can be outrageous! Another issue is that most curtains are all the same length. In our house, the outside walls in the upstairs are shorter than most due to the […] Read more…

Crafting and Creating is Good for the Soul

For as long as I can remember I have loved to do anything crafty. I remember art class being my absolute favorite subject in elementary school and I remember taking as many art/creative electives that I could in high school. At home my Mom was always finding fun crafts for us to do whether it […] Read more…

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