1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

Spruce Up Your Welcome Mat

Summer is just around the corner friends! Most stores right now are chock-full of welcome mats that come in a variety of colors and options. I bought one of these coir mats a couple of years ago from Target because it was cute and functional. Win-win! But two years of wear and tear of people […] Read more…

How to Paint a Metal Door

A beautiful aqua blue metal door that brightens up the laundry room

We all know that paint instantly brightens and freshens up a room (at least I think most people know that.) Well, the same goes for furniture, trim and doors. And in our laundry room, the door that leads outside was not in bad shape but had signs of wear, tear, and dings since it is […] Read more…

Kitchen Cabinets: An Update

Original kitchen cabinets given an update with paint and new hardware for a light farmhouse look

The kitchen is my favorite place. I love to bake, cook and create. Our farmhouse kitchen is big and open and I loved it’s potential when I first saw it. The kitchen was outdated and lacking the modern farmhouse appeal that I so love. The cabinets were the first on my to-do list. They were […] Read more…