1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

DIY Craft Cart

An above side view of the finished cart with paint supplies and stencils on each shelf and the French scripting on top

I’ve developed a passion for flipping furniture lately and now every time I go by a thrift store or garage sale my eyes are peeled for any furniture or decor that I could transform. I have always been someone who hates to throw things away and always try to find a use for something or […] Read more…

Outdoor Christmas Decor-Snowflakes

Stair spindles turned into snowflakes and displayed on the side of a blue house with evergreen greenery below

Have you ever bought something and had no idea where it would go or what you would use it for? I feel like this is a common problem with those of us who are thrifters/junkers. I heart junk and a good deal. What is one man’s trash is another’s treasure right? Earlier this year I […] Read more…

A Maker’s Studio Introduction

The word family on a black sign surrounded by a copper leaf design with a white background sitting on floating shelf

As most of you have read I attended the Haven Conference back in July. (You can read my full recap here.) It was at Haven that I attended a make and take with Amy Howard. I had never heard of Amy Howard at Home before this time and was intrigued by the make and take […] Read more…

DIY Barn Quilt Square

A multi-colored quilt square on a white background attached to a faded red barn

My sister and I created this DIY barn quilt for our Mom for Mother’s Day last year. But it just now was put up on the side of the barn so now I can share the process with you all! That’s life for ya right! Our county and some of the neighboring counties here in […] Read more…