1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

How to turn any wall into a Chalkboard

A wall between doorways is painted with black chalkboard paint, and a chalk writing of the word welcome on the wall

Updated 10/15/2019: This post was originally published 2 years ago but I have added some new pictures and some general sprucing up and wanted to re-share this with you all! And because this post was sooo old and never has readers to it I thought it would work perfectly for this months At Home DIY […] Read more…

DIY Craft Cart

An above side view of the finished cart with paint supplies and stencils on each shelf and the French scripting on top

I’ve developed a passion for flipping furniture lately and now every time I go by a thrift store or garage sale my eyes are peeled for any furniture or decor that I could transform. I have always been someone who hates to throw things away and always try to find a use for something or […] Read more…

Outdoor Christmas Decor-Snowflakes

Stair spindles turned into snowflakes and displayed on the side of a blue house with evergreen greenery below

Have you ever bought something and had no idea where it would go or what you would use it for? I feel like this is a common problem with those of us who are thrifters/junkers. I heart junk and a good deal. What is one man’s trash is another’s treasure right? Earlier this year I […] Read more…