1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

DIY Marble Painted Countertops

A close up of painted marble looking counterops on a brown countertop with a yellow unfinished backsplash

It is week four of the One Room Challenge, and this week has been all about DIY marble painted countertops. Now this was a pivot from my original plan. The original plan I was leaning towards was to do concrete countertops. If you remember from my inspiration post I wasn’t exactly sure which route I […] Read more…

One Room Challenge: Week 2

A gray wall with a brown floor and a bench in the foreground with a teal door in the background and a coat hook shelf above the bench

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you haven’t read my previous post about my plans for our laundry room, you can read all about that first. That post includes an inspirational/mood board that I put together, although some elements may change along the way but for the most part those are […] Read more…

Sea Glass Spray Paint Bud Vases

A grouping of sea glass spray painted bud vases with a pink on left and a green on the right with Spring florals in the vases

There are a lot of bud vases that are very popular this year. And after seeing so many different options online and in stores I knew that I could come up with my own version from the thrift store. Another plus was that I knew that I didn’t want to pay as much as some […] Read more…