1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

The Best 10 Tools For Furniture Makeovers

I feel that baking and furniture makeovers are very similar. (Stay with me here!) Because the more you bake or cook the more you come to find what your favorite utensils and pans are to use for each recipe. And making over a piece of furniture is no different. Over the years I have come […] Read more…

How to turn any wall into a Chalkboard

A wall between doorways is painted with black chalkboard paint, and a chalk writing of the word welcome on the wall

Updated 10/15/2019: This post was originally published 2 years ago but I have added some new pictures and some general sprucing up and wanted to re-share this with you all! And because this post was sooo old and never has readers to it I thought it would work perfectly for this months At Home DIY […] Read more…

DIY Craft Cart

An above side view of the finished cart with paint supplies and stencils on each shelf and the French scripting on top

I’ve developed a passion for flipping furniture lately and now every time I go by a thrift store or garage sale my eyes are peeled for any furniture or decor that I could transform. I have always been someone who hates to throw things away and always try to find a use for something or […] Read more…