Original kitchen cabinets given an update with paint and new hardware for a light farmhouse look

The kitchen is my favorite place. I love to bake, cook and create. Our farmhouse kitchen is big and open and I loved it’s potential when I first saw it. The kitchen was outdated and lacking the modern farmhouse appeal that I so love. The cabinets were the first on my to-do list. They were a medium oak with older hardware. But were in great shape and made of solid wood, which is hard to find these days without paying… Read more »

Outdoor Living space makeover reveal

Today is the day! I am so excited to share our made over outdoor space with you all. I have been teasing about it for some time now with the painted rug and the outdoor table and now it is all complete! Let me show you what it looked like before in the pictures below. The deck and benches are cedar so they have held up well physically to the elements. It had been years since the space had been stained… Read more »

DIY Outdoor table

Do you ever have those projects that start as a simple idea but then snowball into other projects that you weren’t thinking about? That is what is happening this summer with our deck.The initial idea was to just pressure wash and re-seal the existing deck. Which we did. But then that lead into re-painting the existing benches, designing and painting an outdoor rug, and now that has lead to making our own outdoor table. Previously we had a glass top… Read more »

DIY: Paint a rug on a deck and add a pretty design element with a flower stencil

So one night a few weeks ago I decided rather hastily that I wanted to re-stain our deck…. and add a painted rug design. Cue the looks from the hubby. Nice weather was being predicted (and by nice I mean no rain for us here in Oregon!) and I wanted to get outside and tackle projects. Now we had talked about re-finishing our deck at some point. But in the hubby’s mind I think this meant a little later down… Read more »

Milk Paint: A Beginner's Perspective

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Pinterest junkie…. Does anyone else feel there should be a support group for those like myself! Haha! So I had been scrolling through Pinterest as one does at 8 pm on a Friday night in my yoga pants watching Netflix! (I know I am not the only one! Right?? Right?!?!) I was looking up paint ideas for furniture projects and stumbled upon some pins mentioning milk paint. Now I had heard… Read more »