1905 Farmhouse

Paint Projects

Shoe Bench DIY Makeover

Looking down at a grey shoe bench with raw wood insets and a runner rug and a rug near the door with a plant next to the bench

I am at it yet again with another furniture update. This furniture makeover is our shoe bench in our laundry room that was just redone as part of the Spring One Room Challenge. This original brown shoe bench came from Bed Bath and Beyond about 10 years ago. At our previous house when our son […] Read more…

Creative Mailbox Idea: Kids Playhouse

A close up of scrap wood pieces with an envelope design on them spilling out of a spray painted mailbox

My daughter loves to use her imagination when playing which I just love! And we had this old mailbox that we had taken out when we first moved and replaced with a locking mailbox. This old mailbox has been sitting around for four years now, so I decided to transform the entire thing for a […] Read more…

Repurposed Sewing Table

A sewing table painted blue with the words "Cheers" on the side, a handle on the left and wheels on the bottom right

I am one of those people that can’t pass up a good deal when I see it. I found this old sewing table on Facebook Marketplace years ago before we even moved into this house. This table has moved once and just sat in the garage until now. I have decided that it needed to […] Read more…