1905 Farmhouse


DIY Soy Candles

A close up of a burning soy candle in a green depression teacup glass with a glass chicken in the background sitting on a blue and white tablecloth

I am a crafter at heart and trying new craft techniques and projects is always exciting. I have always wanted to try DIY soy candles but I think I was always worried that it was gonna be a huge investment and something that I wouldn’t make very often. But I have been doing a lot […] Read more…

How to Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

A close up of a blue and white fabric seat on a white chair

Once I painted the dining room table legs and refinished and stripped the wood on top, the chairs just didn’t match anymore and not just the color but the fabric of the seat. It was time to reupholster the dining chairs. And I decided to paint the chairs white to match the table legs using […] Read more…

Drop Ceiling Kitchen Update

A side view of a kitchen with silver pendant lights hanging above the bar area

It’s been such a long time since I’ve shared anything about our kitchen. The previous updates are highlighted here: painting of our cabinets a couple of years ago. And then the removal of our drop ceiling in the kitchen 2018, but I haven’t really given an update as to what it looks like now. So […] Read more…

DIY Halloween Decor for Outside

A close up of a rounded fan blade painted white with a black ghost face against a red bush

I’m usually somebody who doesn’t necessarily decorate for Halloween. But I’ve started making exceptions. You can see my skeleton scrap wood sculpture that I made last year. I decided to do another DIY Halloween decor for the outside using old fan blades from a ceiling fan we removed from our living room and made these […] Read more…

What Is Milk Paint?

A close up of two measuring cups on a wood surface with the top part of a paint brush

What is milk paint you ask? I see this question a lot in Facebook groups and Pinterest. One of my most popular blog posts to date is the mistakes that I made when I first used milk paint. It’s been about four years since I first started using it and I’ve become a huge fan. […] Read more…