1905 Farmhouse


School Auction Art Project

A watercolor flower on a white background in a brown frame hanging on a white door

Today I am making a large flower portrait as part of my daughter’s second grade school auction art project for their class. They go to a private school and every year the school has a an annual auction dinner. And each year every class does some type of art project where the kids have to […] Read more…

Heat Transfer Vinyl Cricut Camping T-Shirt

A close up picture of a black tshirt with a light brown bleach spot with the wording "happiness is camping"

Camping was one of my favorite activities as a kid, I have fond memories of all of our adventures from when I was a child and into the teen years. So we take our children at least a couple times a year as time will allow to go camping. When our next camping trip was […] Read more…

Easy DIY Outdoor Easter Decoration

A yet unbloomed dogwood tree with plastic easter eggs hanging all over

Easter is such a special time of year to celebrate Christ rising from the dead and sacrificing for us, the flowers are all starting to emerge and the sun has begun to shine more frequently. I wanted to share a fun and easy outdoor Easter decoration that the whole family can participate in. This idea […] Read more…

Cricut Valentine Idea: T-Shirt Iron On

A close up of a black v-neck shirt with a scroll love heart on the front

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it was time I created a Valentine themed t-shirt with my Cricut machine. I use my Cricut machine mostly for my Etsy business but I have to remember every now and again that it is fun to create for myself. Cricut iron on is such a […] Read more…