1905 Farmhouse


Deck Replacement Idea: Plane Existing Boards

A close up of a rotting deck board

The covered front porch of most homes is the first thing that welcomes guests into your home. The goal is the keep the porch as welcoming and inviting as possible. Sometimes that is difficult when the porch boards and railings have seen better days and could use a little curb appeal update. Our deck had […] Read more…

Container Herb Garden DIY Clay Markers

A close up of terracotta colored herb markers stuck in potting soil

Polymer clay was one of my first craft projects that I got started with in middle school. I use to make Christmas ornaments and little figurines. I still have some of these and it is fun to look back to see how far my skills have come. I still have some of my polymer clay […] Read more…

Painted Kitchen Table

A maple yellow round table with blue legs and mismatched chairs

Furniture makeovers are kind of my jam. I love to take a used, discarded piece of ugly furniture that was a steal of a price and transform it into a beautiful piece of modern furniture for a home. I have done this with several furniture pieces in our own home, including a bookshelf, china hutch, […] Read more…

DIY 4th of July Wreath

A red, white and blue fabric wreath hanging on a white door against a blue wall with an American flag on the lower right of the wreath

If you are an avid crafter like me then you probably have a stash of fabric scraps for that one craft project that you might need them for in the future (craft supply hoarders unite!) Well I decided to put my fabric stash to use at one of my monthly craft nights that I host […] Read more…

Oven Cleaner Shelf Makeover-Did it work?

A five shelf wood shelf with a small drawer sitting on the floor

Have you seen the latest craze to take over Instagram? Using oven cleaner on wood furniture to strip off the old finish to reveal the raw wood below? Well I decided to try this method on an old shelf that my Uncle had given me to see if it would work. The shelf had obviously […] Read more…